Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

Along with crime-fighting partner Robin and new recruit Batgirl, Batman battles the dual threat of frosty genius Mr. Freeze and homicidal horticulturalist Poison Ivy. Freeze plans to put Gotham City on ice, while Ivy tries to drive a wedge between the dynamic duo.

Batman and Robin are back working side-by-side to stop the villains of Gotham City, but is there tension appearing between them, especially when one villainess who calls herself Poison Ivy can make anyone fall in love with her...literally. Along with Poison Ivy, the icy Mr. Freeze is freezing anything which gets in his way from achieving his goal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (ru) wrote: A baby zebra that's gets left behind by the circus and found by a farmer on a stormy night. It grows up and becomes a race horse and it wins a big horse race! I loved it!

Artur C (kr) wrote: My head hurts. Ridiculously done.


Mara V (nl) wrote: Want to know what is to make a film when you have no money and an Brad Pitt resembling awful actor? Then this is your movie. A love song about making films with excellent performances. The best choice to explain your students a few things about filming.

Chris R (br) wrote: Awesome movie. Such excellent acting and although I had seen it a dozen times years ago, still enjoyed it again this week. Streisand and Dreyfuss are an excellent pair that are every bit as enjoyable on their own. But the two of them work well together.

Patrick T (de) wrote: This movie is so bad that it can literally make blind.

Dwayne R (br) wrote: Woodie Allen past his prime. Rather wooden acting all around.

Justin D (nl) wrote: The ending. The very last scene in the movie. That look he gives without saying anything at all says everything about his character outline throughout the entire movie. I'm blown away.

Karen M (ag) wrote: I saw this movie for the first time as a little girl. My dad made my brother and I sit on the couch after having a knock down drag out. Our punishment was to sit on the couch until dad gave us the okay to get up. As we sat, we started paying some attention to the movie Dad was watching on tv. It was THIS VERY Beau Geste.After about 30 minutes of sitting out our punishments on the couch, we were given the chance to get up.We refused. We were transfixed and wanted too finish watching.My brother was about 8 and I was about 6 at the time.That says A LOT for the brilliance of this movie in that it was able to capture the attention of two little pouty kids who'd just bruised the tar out of each other. BRILLIANT!!

Frances H (it) wrote: Well acted flick that proves the old motto from Thomas Wolf, "You can't go home again." And evidently that also means you can't stay in high school after you graduate, no matter whether you want to or not. Natalie Portman shines.

Anaideia E (ca) wrote: My favorite movie, It's funny, scary and crazy ! Chucky and Tiffany are my favorite characters of all the time !

Geo T (us) wrote: Wonderful performance by Stiller who brings to life a weird but interesting character. However the story line is weak that needs more better added scenes. Overall this film is just average except Still performance that is great

Andrew O (nl) wrote: Always warm-hearted and consistently funny, Wayne's World transcends its unsure beginning to become something genuinely amusing as it embraces its beautiful absurdity.