Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

Batman has stopped the reign of terror that The Mutants had cast upon his city. Now an old foe wants a reunion and the government wants The Man of Steel to put a stop to Batman.

After a 10 year absence, the Dark Knight has returned to Gotham to fight the Mutant threat. After defeating the mutants, he has taken control of a gang loyal to him in order to make Gotham a safer place. But, the Joker has decided to stop this, and fights against Batman in a deadly duel. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel is ordered to stop the Dark Knight because the government believes that his ways are wrong. As Batman fights the Joker, the Man of Steel prepares for his greatest fight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 torrent reviews

Ross P (es) wrote: Not ready for prime time: poorly cast, romantic glossing over of the chaos and tragedy, much like a Readers Digest version. Rob Lowe gave a solid performance as JFK, Ginnifer Goodwin was a poor selection for Jackie (from waistline to accent), many other actors had little resemblance to their characters. The Oswalds, from actors, acting, and casting were a welcome exception. The screenplay succeeded in giving JFK a human touch and portraying the Oswalds as real people. This movie had the chance to be as real-life feeling as did Parkland, but completely missed the chance to show even glimpses of what it was like to be in that limousine (even the pleasant part) or the chaos, horror, and rampant emotions of the emergency room scenes, ride to Love Field, or the return flight. The entire movie missed the chance to be insightful, personal, and credible. Instead it came across as a trite docudrama suitable for 1980s afternoon TV.

Jason B (mx) wrote: All of it is (intentionally) juvenile but it is definitely hit and miss. Wadzilla and Zom-B Movie are the best bits. I Was a Teenage Werebear was a nice try but misses the mark. Diary of Anne Frankenstein is just a complete waste of a good idea.

Michael M (au) wrote: BearCity is a place I'd rather not live. The people who live there seem pretty shallow thanks to a script that concentrates more on being clever than on honest character development. I'm all for shedding light on the Bear Community (of which I am a member) but without a solid story and characters who we can care about, it all seems pretty shallow and ordinary. There's really nothing new here (boy wants true love, afraid of being mis-understood) that can't be found in any other film. These bears should stay in hibernation until they have something substantial to say.

Caesar M (jp) wrote: The Diary of Preston Plummer is a low budget movie with a $125,000 spent to make it. The movie is slow and small on scale which could be the reason for its obscurity to the public, but this is a well made drama worth viewing. The Dairy of Preston Plummer follows the title character life when he falls in love with a young woman and threatens to lose that love when uncovering his love dark past. This film is a love story at it core with deeper layers of meaning when the movie unfolds. The love story is a bit hard to buy since it falls in the "We've only know each other for about 60 minutes" category. The plot itself does not explore new territory of any kind. It has a plot thread about greed and money we've seen a dozen time in the genre. The characters themselves are likable and become more developed through the course of the movie. It is slow by a big stretch as we tend to see the shame shot for a very long time and sometimes our character get sidetrack from the main plot talking about events that are meaningless to the main plot. The acting is fairly decent for a low budget movie. The cast has good chemistry with one another and Trevor Morgan is a enjoyable lead. Though Trevor Morgan does look like Robert Pattinson, except Trevor can act. The film is shot well, but you get the feeling the material was long enough despite its hour and twenty minute run time. You'll probably get tire seeing the same scenery more than once, but this is an indie film worth checking out. It's a drama, with a love story, and mystery to for our character to unfold come together to bring us a satisfying experience. The Diary of Preston Plummer is an above average drama that makes for a option to pass the time with. It might be anything great, but it is an indie you will have good with.

Tit M (us) wrote: c est pas naze c est pire lolvu juste parce que y avait duvauchelle

Erikas J (it) wrote: INCREDIBLE STORY ! so lovin' iranian movies

Miquel R (us) wrote: It's really original film that reflects the problems abaout a writer and his book... Very intelligent film with a tipical ending that reflects the autodestruction...

Anthony V (ca) wrote: For hard core "Brat Pack" fans only.

Brad G (au) wrote: A cheapie Roger Corman Alien knockoff that might not have the name cast or even a particularly interesting "character actor" cast, but it's loaded up with gore, slime, random/pointless nudity, and gooey obnoxious creature designs. Fox Harris as the cancerous mad scientist Dr. Cal steals the show whenever he hacks his way onscreen in that blood splattered smock. Drags in the middle for sure, but it goes for it in a way that New World Productions only can and you gotta love how it tries to out-do its A-Picture predecessors with guttertrash thinking. Not VF.

Haris T (kr) wrote: akoma kalytero apo to prwto!!!

Michael A (ru) wrote: Solid retelling of the Shakespeare classic.

Nick R (fr) wrote: I got this movie from the mill creek entertainment Sci-fi Creature Classics and Mothra was one of them. Made in 1961 by toho it's about this island that gets attacked by a atomic bomb. A team of Japanese explorers check out the radiated island and are surprised to see life there. Also there are these twin girls called the Ailenas, or the Peanut Sisters as some people call them.Some guy takes them to exploit them and they're singing voices. A bit later when the Peanut sisters sing it awaking's Mothra which appears about halfway though the movie.I mostly watched this for the Mothera song which sounds pretty peaceful and beautiful. Also when Mothra finally cocoons into a butterfly or moth it really gets good. If your a monster movie fan check this one out since it's considered a classic Sci-Fi monster movie.

Allan B (fr) wrote: Yes good portrayal of these events in WWII but to be fair a lot of the acting was fairly poor (even for the 50's), special effects were rubbish (but they couldn't help that)New one coming out i recon will be one to watch, even if it is PC (just imagine that they call the dog nigger)

Richard R (nl) wrote: Warm, friendly and funny this is one for the family for definite. With memorable moments throughout, there's just something engaging about Robin William's performance as a Scottish nanny.

Joe H (de) wrote: Not bad at all. American slashers are my favourite by a mile (I really don't know why) and this is good fun. Uncut of course.