Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One

Two men come to Gotham City: Bruce Wayne after years abroad feeding his lifelong obsession for justice and Jim Gordon after being too honest a cop with the wrong people elsewhere. After learning painful lessons about the city's corruption on its streets and police department respectively, this pair learn how to fight back their own way. With that, Gotham's evildoers from top to bottom are terrorized by the mysterious Batman and the equally heroic Gordon is assigned to catch him by comrades who both hate and fear him themselves. In the ensuing manhunt, both find much in common as the seeds of an unexpected friendship are laid with additional friends and rivals helping to start the legend.

Bruce Wayne (Ben McKenzie) and lawman James Gordon (Bryan Cranston) take a stand for justicebut on opposite sides when Bruce fights his new nemesis, Catwoman (Eliza Dushku), while James battles corruption in Gotham City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (au) wrote: What was she thinking?

Frances H (fr) wrote: Wonderful kid's flick about perseverance, good sportsmanship. grief, and love.

Rasheda B (us) wrote: storys good bt dey mde it boring

Peggy M (jp) wrote: Predictable but cute

Clinton A (br) wrote: This is one of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen!

Shane B (ru) wrote: it's a touch preachy... but a solid investigation into the horrors of apatheid south africa...

Laura C (br) wrote: brilliant film. well recommend it. so funnny though. infestation of flesh eating slugs. loved the sound affects.

James H (it) wrote: Surprisingly, better than I was expecting. Stylishly made, the cast is good and give sincere performances. Edgy, good score, believably done. It's not great, but it is good and has many plusses.

David A (au) wrote: (from The Watermark, 04/17/97) Sometimes a touch of old-fashioned Hollywood magic can go a long way. Midler and Farina are a divorced couple who are reunited after 14 years to attend their daughter's wedding. The proverbial sparks fly, but instead of killing one another, they realize that they're still in love. When they abandon their current spouses, it is their daughter (Marshall) who tries to hunt them down, and finds her own marriage being put to the test, too. Though it seems somewhat formulaic, and the audience's disbelief must be suspended a tad higher than the usual romantic comedy, the film possesses a quality - that certain inexplicable something - that makes it a sheer delight. Part of the fun is the always exceptional (and particularly svelte) Midler, whose talents are packaged and showcased to perfection. Farina (Get Shorty) is a good match for her strength as a performer, and the spouses (O'Grady and Rasche) both contribute a genuineness to their cartoonish characters. But the unexpected treat is newcomer Marshall as the daughter. Capably handling both the dramatic and comedic elements of her hopelessly harried character, she beautifully holds her own against her more experienced co-stars. Queer Quotient: Bette as a bitchy middle-aged actress. Expensive high-fashion clothes on everybody. And newcomer Nucci as a cute young Italian guy who catches the eye of Marshall. Gay men, get thee to the cinema!

Jeffrey A (br) wrote: old School Classic...

Ron S (jp) wrote: Very cheesy with Andy Griffith acting like a country hick.

Pamela D (ru) wrote: I LOVE this film. Very thought provoking. You can't just watch it, you have to drink it fully to understand its intentions.