Baton Baton Mein

Baton Baton Mein

Rosie Perreira is an overly anxious widow, living with her guitar-obsessed son, Sabhi, and a lovely daughter, Nancy, who she would like to get married to a wealthy young man. Her helpful neighbor, Tom, introduces a young eligible Tony Braganza to Nancy in the 9:10 AM Western Railway local train from Bandra to Churchgate. Tom also asks Nancy to introduce Tony to Rosie, which she does. Rosie is initially apprehensive about him as he only drawing a mere Rs.300/ compared to Nancy's Rs.700/-, but soon changes her mind when she finds out that after his probationary period he will draw a monthly pay of Rs.1000/-. Nancy and Tom are permitted to meet and both eventually fall in love. While Nancy wants to follow her mother's directions and get married, Tony is hesitant, and this is what costs him Nancy's love, as she starts to feel that he will not come through with the marriage. And soon Rosie starts looking elsewhere for a son-in-law, while Tony is still reluctant to make any commitments.

Rosie Perreira is an overly anxious widow, living with her guitar-obsessed son, Sabhi, and a lovely daughter, Nancy, who she would like to get married to a wealthy young man. Her helpful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl W (br) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this movie. you have to open your eyes to the whole picture to see the meaning. I was very touched.

James B (de) wrote: Decent. Not super compelling but worth a watch if you're in the mood for a random action movie.

Henry S (au) wrote: A unique piece of art! Visually beautiful and with a powerful story to tell.

Michael D (fr) wrote: I liked the behind the scenes look at the LHC. It felt a bit like they were trying to defend the fact that they are doing science. I guess that comes with spending a bunch of money.

Tina S (kr) wrote: Kenneth, Kevin, and Blue Eyes, I had fun

Thomas J (kr) wrote: With the captions on.... when the music starts, the captions read, "slow sad music". This is pretty much descriptive of the movie as well but it would need to be VERY SLOW. This is a movie you can multitask while watching. No real point to the movie other than some nice scenery shots!

Adam E (us) wrote: Provides an ambience of claustrophobia in its bug-infested location, never making you certain which bizarre direction this will take next.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Brian De Palma covers a lot of the same ground he's previously covered in a number of his previous film, particularly "Blow Out," with a story that involves a political assassination, conspiracies, dirty cops, females in disguise, suspense set pieces, split screens, POV shots, long tracking shots, and so on and so forth. However, I'm a sucker for De Palma's style and although he's pretty much mining his previous work, it's still far better made than most other directors, creating terrific suspense and do it with terrific visual flair. David Koepp, who wrote De Palma's last great film "Carlito's Way," also wrote this film based upon a story by he and De Palma. The film also has a terrific cast that includes the usually annoying Nicolas Cage, but has an amazing supporting cast that includes Gary Sinise, John Heard, Kevin Dunn, Luis Guzmn, Mike Starr and Carla Gugino (who's one of my favorites and a criminally underused actress).

Eliabeth C (mx) wrote: great cast and story

Mitch S (gb) wrote: I LOVED the premise of this movie, but the execution wasn't great. (C+)

Donna (us) wrote: I think the thing I like best about this movie is the music...And Bette Middler. You can't go wrong with The Divine Ms. M!

Dee C (gb) wrote: Can't wait to see this!

Jake W (us) wrote: One of my favourite films of all time. A 3 hour ride of emotions taking you back to a far more dangerous time in racing. Should have watched this earlier.