Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars

Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars

When a meteor crashes into Tokyo Bay, a toxic cloud covers the city and a new, alien virus causes the dead to walk and feast on the living. To make matters worse, punk gangs terrorize the ...

When a meteor crashes into Tokyo Bay, a toxic cloud covers the city and a new, alien virus causes the dead to walk and feast on the living. To make matters worse, punk gangs terrorize the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (kr) wrote: The acting is excellent, the coming-of-age story is a little understated, but works well in terms of the sincerity of what's being conveyed.

Matthew O (jp) wrote: Six people are brought together by the death of a friend. Which leads to a discovery of a time capsule unleashing evil from there childhood home.Crazy eights is the most confusing badly directed, badly scripted not scary horror film in a number of years. The plot is interesting and in more accomplished hands this film would have been better.Open ended by bad acting and script. The cast are pretty much the D list of actors, you have seen them all in at least one film, and that film was years ago and either the film was just ok, or the film was good and they were the most un interesting part in it.Also to note is the soundtrack which seemed to have been completed by a number of composers, it is intrusive and distracting.The whole film wraps up making little sense, with the worse offender being why was the ghost killing the characters. Overall the film comes and goes so quickly you will forget most of it by the end of the credits.

John G (ag) wrote: I had strange flashbacks as I was watching this that made me realize about 3/4 of the way through that I had, in fact, already seen this, which sort of troubled me as far as my memory goes, but then I figured memory loss is just getting into the spirit of things, so it's all okay . . . it's not the best, but I thought it did a pretty good job of conjuring up the period on a limited budget by staying at Jones' country estate and Marrakech . . . I also like the principals Leo Gregory as Brian, Monet Mazur as Anita Pallenberg, and Paddy Considine as Frank Thorogood, the bloke who confessed on his deathbed to drowning Brian after everyone thought he od'd for decades . . .

Thomas S (nl) wrote: Those were the worst special effects I have ever seen. Re-used clips and horrible stunt dummies make for another crap syfy movie.

Christopher K (ca) wrote: This movie was pretty good and an interesting answer to crazy paparazzi, who I believe do go over the edge sometimes...

Adam E (kr) wrote: not expecting much i was very suprised that this is quite an entertaining little movie. Some great special effects in key places and all the leads do there roles to perfection. Its actually pretty funny to with the interactions between the king and his slave been the highlight and the way they view society really good. Childish humour maybe but still theres no profanity or sexual actions which to be honest was quite refreshing and mostly diffcult it seems to keep out of most comedies now adays! Nice story that all ties up at the end and a fast pace leads to a well acted and fun film :)

Mike M (fr) wrote: Rosie and Dan make the movie. Dana just doesn't seem comfortable. Maybe it is the script. Yeah, the script needs help.

Christian W (kr) wrote: A lot of people use the term "worst movie ever" incorrectly because they're not talking about this movie when they use it.

Victor M (de) wrote: I've already watched the 1956's first film; a long time ago I watched the second one in cinema, and now this 3rd version in DVD. Abel Ferrara's film gives a fresh review to the alien invasion using this time a military base to begin with its plans. The disciplined military conduct and the alien absence of feelings go well together.

Jared M (ru) wrote: I tried, and failed to get into this film a number of times.

Jim F (de) wrote: The book was much better than the movie I felt that I could hardly watch the movie first they tried to put far too much so it was even more difficult to put that much into the movie some of them most importan storylines were missing I highly recommend you read the book the movie was by far inferior not only to the park with the television show as well great character turn

Greg R (us) wrote: City Lights is probably my favorite Charlie Chaplin film. The ending is one of the most perfect finales I've seen in any film....ever.

Tommaso D (gb) wrote: Just sit down on your couch and enjoy this graceful and unconventional romantic story between a troubled Bill Murray and a young Scarlett Johansson at their best potentials.Written and directed by an inspired Sofia Coppola.

George B (jp) wrote: One of the slowest movies I have ever seen. It is overly repetitive and what little plot it has doesn't make very much sense. I felt like I was watching a student film on a public access channel.

Simon D (mx) wrote: Can't be faulted for originality, a pretty weird story with very weird characters. Does have some funny bits but it does start to drag in the second half as it slows down to a snails pace.

Aodhan M (jp) wrote: Great movie with great comedy. Can't wait for the sequel.