Battle Beyond the Sun

Two countries race to have the first successful landing on Mars.

Two countries race to have the first successful landing on Mars

Battle Beyond the Sun is the best excited movies torrent of Mikhail Karzhukov, Evgeniy Pomeshchikov, Aleksey Sazonov. This movie was introduced in 1959. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Ivan Pereverzev, Aleksandr Shvorin, Linda Barrett, Konstantin Bartashevich, Larisa Borisenko, V. Chernyak, Viktor Dobrovolsky, Frederick Farley, S. Filimonov, Mary Kannon, Taisiya Litvinenko, Lawrence Loben, L. Lobov, Edd Perry, Aleksandra Popova. There are many categories, such as Sci-Fi. This movie was rated by 4.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Amanda H (es)

I wouldn't want to see this again. I did manage to sit through it and while I didn't completely hate it, the one-liners are really the only thing about it that's enjoyable. This starts out funny, but fizzles really quickly and becomes incredibly tedious

Anne C (nl)

The sold out showing was a funny, clever and quick moving romantic comedy I'd happily see again. benefit preview in Santa Barbara. I was lucky enough to see Muffin Top at a Girls Inc

Emily L (kr)

1 star for the creepy opening scene, otherwise it doesn't deserve any

Frances H (kr)

Really glad I saw this one. A gripping and yet very sad psychological thriller, with an excellent performance by Cillian Murphy and a very good cast

George L (br)

This movie is definitely a future classic. Just when I thought that special effects had no business in a comedy, Kung Fu Hustle came along

Kenneth L (br)

Ending Catholic clerical celibacy may work to start resolving the problem within a gemeraration or two

Luis F (gb)

. . . . for now we have to wait. it will be a classic portuguese movie. . . one day

Luke R (kr)

If you want a bit of suspense, and even a fright or two, check out 'Right at your Door'. There were elements of the film I didn't like much, but these were few and far between. For an independent film, I give 'Right at your Door' a pass mark for being original and thinking outside the square, especially in the way the movie ends. Little to no time was wasted in getting the story moving, resulting in a nice running time of only 90 minutes. I admire a movie that sets out to engage the viewer within the first few minutes, and that's exactly what happens here. 'Right at your Door' is a good (to very good) low-budget thriller, featuring a couple of commendable performances from Rory Cochrane and Mary McCormack in the lead roles

Royce B (fr)

INcredible cast. A few good guys that have no chance go in and blow up and kill bad guys. Lots of bad guys. It's what you expect to see

Thalia C (ru)

Insightful movie reflect the cultural difference and a complicated relationship