Battle Creek Brawl

Battle Creek Brawl

A young Asian American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fight competition.

A young Asian American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fight competition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Battle Creek Brawl torrent reviews

Sophia Q (kr) wrote: Movies like these usually rely on word-of-mouth, so here's mine: If you want to watch a really sweet, cute, clean movie made for family audiences, this one is it. The only drawback was that it was about 20 minutes too long. That's all. Everything else was a positive, from the screenplay to the acting (which was amazing from Sharman, Boman AND the child artist). Sweet movie and I would recommend it.

Dustin B (mx) wrote: 'John Dies at the End' is a mediocre adaptation of a fantastic book. Unfortunately, in adapting the book, the studio missed the key elements of the book's plot that make it so engaging and fascinating.Additionally, because of the way the plot of the film was slapped together the cut the film down for time, there are massive plot holes and unexplained occurrences. The viewer is jerked from one bizarre scene to the next without event a hint of the characters' motivations or the reasons behind what is taking place.Not recommended.

Andrew W (es) wrote: Historical drama set in the desert with strong performances from the three main leads. Strong in particular turns in a typically believable performance and there are, perhaps intentional, overtones of Lawrence of Arabia.

Josh F (ru) wrote: Cool name. Way mick-ish.

Greg W (es) wrote: weird comedy about a 17 yr old who is in love with a '70's porn star.

Nancy P (au) wrote: J' adore Audrey Tautou! Formidable!!!!!

Grant S (fr) wrote: Great documentary on a great film-maker. Not perfect: you're expected to know instinctively who the interviewees are - there are no captions. Tom Cruise's voice didn't have the gravitas necessary for the narration. Some of the interviews mostly consist of platitudes, but not much detail.However, the detail is amazing. Whether you are familiar with Kubrick's history, or not, the information is very interesting. Despite the platitudes, the overall insight provided by the interviews and the observations of the narrator give you an excellent understanding of what made Stanley Kubrick a genius.

Nate H (es) wrote: Straight Outta Locash.

BiLL F (ru) wrote: Firstly I was amazed at the effect that this film has on people. After reading reviews, it does not take long to note that reviewers are either full of praise or downright critical, with little in between. Not many movies are so provocative. I stumbled onto this film late one night at the local video rental and it was like my last option, so I had little or no expectations to be deflated. I was pleasantly surprised. The sombre ambiance of the surroundings (Poland) enchanted me, and the sepia black & white film stock simply added to the mystique of the setting. Indeed I have not experienced such a rich atmosphere in a sci-fi film since Blade Runner!!! The SLIGHTLY low-tech special effects were incredible in that they seemed to add authenticity to the fact that this was a "video game" NOT "reality", unlike a lot of sci-fi where the special effects are merely another prop. The insular existence of the lead character due to her obsession with her virtual world is perhaps very poignant today more than ever with the advent of cyber space, computer games etc and their potential for social alienation. Perhaps the films shortcoming is that it may not appeal to the younger set who have grown up on a heavy diet of Hollywood Blockbusters where there has to be the mandatory car chase and subsequent sex followed by a gratuitous helping of ultra violence, but for me that was part of this very artistic films charm.

Lady D (de) wrote: I was completely intrigued by the synopsis of this one, but fairly disappointed with the film. Many boring bits throughout, but one you want to stick with to find out the outcome. It wasn't all bad, the plot was a pretty interesting one, just far too drawn out.

Marilee A (jp) wrote: If you love Film Noir,you'll enjoy this

Dave H (jp) wrote: Has about the production, direction and acting quality of a bunch of kids playing around in the backyard with dad's video camera. Thus REALLY REALLY bad when compared to a real film, but there's lots of hilarious cheese value to be had when you consider this was passed off as a real film. So so so bad, but often so fun for that very fact.

Graydon B (jp) wrote: Honestly, a well-done superhero film, not my favorite marvel film, but I have to admit that the action and story is good enough to keep you entertained!

David G (us) wrote: While the first film was far from a masterpiece and none of the Transformers became characters into their own, it's a masterpiece compared to this cluttered and decrepit junk that goes way over its head. film went way over it's head. The overly loud sound effects, the obnoxious cluttered special effects, and the juvenile low brow humor make this painfully awful.