Battle Ground 625

Battle Ground 625

Soldiers from both sides of the Korean divide live among villagers who know nothing of the war.

Soldiers from both sides of the Korean divide live among villagers who know nothing of the war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Battle Ground 625 torrent reviews

Josh L (es) wrote: It was very Cliche' and recycled many jokes. Noah Levenstein was not in the movie as much as the trailer said. "Stifler" did not go by his family values and was just mean.

emily m (fr) wrote: best movie of the year!

Matthew S (es) wrote: uh, oh. Not even Hoffman and Streisand can save it.

Bregt C (au) wrote: It's true, you won't laugh much with this movie. This isn't your traditional hollywood pulp 'laugh when ordered' comedy, no, it is far more darker than that. This movie is for all those people who read about wall street with disgust, get cold fever when they hear about another big corporation's shameful actions and don't understand why people are searching for happiness in a totally wrong place - in their wallet. This film is funny, but they are inside jokes, and they are for the true visioneers of a better future.

Edwin R (mx) wrote: Sure, it's not exactly the Tinker Bell we remember, but the animation is fantastic, the characters are likable, and the message of being true to one's self is well implemented.

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Tinoshi K (ca) wrote: It's amazingly terrible, and you should all watch it!

Ryan S (ca) wrote: the lines are great, and the antics simple.

Sandra S (es) wrote: I hope to see the restored version.. saw it in the adulterated version.

Robby R (kr) wrote: Early, silent, Ozu that is so simple it's sublime. Nothing is forced, instead the seemingly frivolous becomes a study in the day to day and the awakening of new feelings and ideas that are a part of growing up.

Michael D (it) wrote: Made me want to be vegetarian. I know it comes down to numbers but treating the animals like we do at these factory farms is wrong.

Jamaal B (ca) wrote: Pretty funny.still like Dawn Of The Planet Of. The Apes better though

Sean T (br) wrote: Cop Car is a film that takes full advantage of the simplicity of its plot. Genuinely entertaining from start to finish.