When a strange werewolf virus threatens to decimate first New York and then the world, a rogue general uses the disease to create an army of super-soldiers.

A werewolf virus is unleashed upon New York and in the meantime Major Hoffman looks for a cure while Lt. General Monning wants to establish a new canine army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Battledogs torrent reviews

Tim K (jp) wrote: As per the title, a little cookie cutter...but harmless.

Russell S (br) wrote: Certainly not a coherent essay on any one philosophical topic, but a decent introduction to these 8 philosophers, and to the language of philosophy in general. Zizek, West and Hardt held my attention the most, but the others are not without their merits.

Giorgos P (kr) wrote: it could have turned out a masterpiece, Ashley Judd electrifies

M C (us) wrote: A fun and harmless comedy that doesn't live up to its potential. 67/100

Leslie S (fr) wrote: When talking about effects, keep in mind this is a 1984 movie. The effects were no different than those on the Superman franchise of the same era.

Christopher E (ca) wrote: The fine performances make up for the overall lackluster nature of the film. Neither the story nor the specific telling of such is worth much praise - but Jill Clayburgh, Burt Reynolds, and Candice Bergen are wonderful.

Rick R (au) wrote: Gate of Hell (1953)The first colored Japanese movies that was ever shown in the U.S. This film got Best Costume Design in a color film at the Oscars and an honorary Best Foreign Language Film (they didn't yet have that category). Although it's a very beautiful, colorful film, it's far from my favorite Samurai film.This story happens during the 1160 Meiji Rebellion. As rebels storm a Daimyo's residence, an effort is planned to cause a diversion. One of the Ladies in Waiting, Kesa (Machiko Kyo) volunteered to act as the Lord's wife so that the Lord and Ladies could make their escape. Her cart is guarded by samurai Morito Enda (Kazuo Hasegawa) who fights gallantly to protect her.Morito is so disappointed that his brother is part of the rebels, he makes every effort to help Lord Kiyomori Itsukushima (Koreya Senda) back to power. As a reward, the Lord promises to grant Morito a wish. Morito wishes to wed the Lady Kesa. When Lord Itsukushima finds out the Kesa is married to another samurai, Wataru Watanabe (Isao Yamagata), he backs away from his promise, but Morito will not relent, and begins stalking poor Kesa.

Capitaine T (mx) wrote: Este personaje racista, corrupto, facista, alcoholico e hijoputa ha creado una de las trilogas ms polticamente incorrectas de la historia del cine. Salve el espaoleitor.

Hawk (br) wrote: A very good fantasy film that unlike many of it's ilk seems to be entirely focused on a single goal. Sadly it suffers some from a somewhat confusing narrative during the first part and some drawn out scenes. Still if you want 80's fantasy this is the one to see.