Battling Butler

Battling Butler

Alfred's father feels his son has grown up too comfortably and as a result has not become what a man should be. To remedy this predicament he sends his son Alfred off on a hunting trip. On the trip, in the midst of many follies brought on by his inexperience with the outdoors, he meets a young mountain girl and falls in love with her. Alfred's butler, who has accompanied him on the outing, is sent to arrange the marriage with the girl's father, who thinks Alfred is too weak to become a member of the family. In an attempt to change the father's mind, the butler tells the girl's father and brother that Alfred is actually Alfred "Battling" Butler, a professional boxer. The deception works and a wedding is arranged. Comic mischief ensues as Alfred and his butler attempt to make their newly fabricated story seem plausible to the family of his new bride.

A love-struck weakling must pretend to be boxer in order to gain respect from the family of the girl he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nashai M (jp) wrote: I really love this movie??

Dana A (de) wrote: Despite a handful of really touching and frightening moments and a wondefully moody score, it just doesn't go anywhere until a horribly pointless twist. Messina and Jones create great characters that you wish were put in a better plot that actually had something a little less predictable to say about sex, commitment, and the fear that goes with both.

Robert H (mx) wrote: A passable story strung together with some truly incredible fight scenes.

Heather W (ag) wrote: If you are a woman you need to see this.

Cort J (ag) wrote: A missed gem, always suprises me that this was never nominated for any awards stateside.

Adam R (it) wrote: An interplanetary megastellar hydrostatic adventure! Proto Zoa is probably the coolest fictional rockstar ever alongside Bill and Ted, and Kirsten Storms is excellent in her role as Zenon. This is one of my old favorites from the Disney Channel in the nineties. (First viewing - Teen years)

Jeff F (ag) wrote: A film that plays on one's own weaknesses and desires. It will most certainly shock its viewers with its cruelly dark heart. However, its sadism is consistently, and eerily, credible - and, like the best films, makes the audience complicit in its malevolent deeds.Whilst this is one of Eckhart's earliest performances, it is also quite possibly his best.'In the Company of Men' is a necessary film.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Beautiful, fascinating and well acted film that was profoundly moving. The music was hauntingly lovely.

David F (au) wrote: ~Companeros(TM) is a far more polished and glossily produced spaghetti western then ~Django(TM) or ~The Great Silence(TM), director Sergio Corbucci(TM)s other well known films. There(TM)s an actual Hollywood movie star, in the person of Jack Palance, playing a marijuana smoking bad guy who(TM)s into falconry and torture, along with some much nicer sets and big explosions. Even the gatling gun that recalls Django(TM)s weapon of choice looks like a much more realistic prop gun. But all these improvements in production values seem to come at a cost in terms of Corbucci(TM)s artistry and personal vision. I don(TM)t want to say he(TM)s sold out exactly. This film has some of the same cynicism of Corbucci(TM)s earlier masterpieces but I don(TM)t think the earlier Corbucci would have blown up a character like the diabolical one played by Palance, sending his screw-on hand flying through the air. And the revolutionaries who articulate a humane vision for the future of Mexico make surprising progress in this film. But it does have many excellently staged shootouts, torture scenes and a brilliantly realized cynical take on humanity which is only to be expected in a Sergio Corbucci film. Less full of gritty low-budget delights than his earlier films, this is nonetheless a very good spaghetti western.

Brian M (nl) wrote: This is my least favorite of the Original Christmas Classics.. I don't like seeing Santa as a young man with red hair.. I just never pictured Santa being a "ginger".

Brent C (us) wrote: Very sweet movie with a pretty odd premise. It all works very well, the characters are likable, has some interesting twists and it keeps the audience wondering how it will all turn out.

Jackson G (ag) wrote: Possibly my new most hated movie of all time!! Poor "acting", terribly written, waste of time! It left me disappointed that it had actuall comedians and actors in this festering turd of a movie.