Devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon butts heads with a brash new recruit. Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay.

  • Category:Action, Comedy, Drama
  • Stars:Dwayne JohnsonZac EfronPriyanka ChopraAlexandra Daddario
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Seth Gordon
  • Writer:Michael Berk (based on the series "Baywatch" created by), Douglas Schwartz (based on the series "Baywatch" created by), Gregory J. Bonann (based on the series "Baywatch" created by), Jay Scherick (story by), David Ronn (story by), Thomas Lennon (story by), Robert Ben Garant (story by), Damian Shannon (screenplay), Mark Swift (screenplay)

The movie centers on an elite team of lifeguards led by the hulking Mitch Buchannon. When disgraced Olympian Matt Brody is hired for public relations boost, the two begin butt heads. Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baywatch torrent reviews

bill s (ca) wrote: One of Don Knotts best movies.Funny and a good tame family friendly ghost adventure.

Ben L (br) wrote: Tony Manero is a movie about a man who is obsessed with John Travolta?s character in Saturday Night Fever. Let?s be clear, I?m not saying he?s simply a guy who really likes to watch the movie, this man will do anything to be like Tony Manero. There?s no reason given for why he feels this way and no indication of what his life was like before Saturday Night Fever existed. When we meet him he?s already fully entrenched in his insanity. I?m not sure what I?m supposed to cling onto or enjoy in this movie. He is a despicable character, most of the people around him aren?t much better, and the entire tone of the film is dour and depressing. Every minute we see the star (Alfredo Castro) in this movie, he has a look of either frustration or boredom, which made sense because so did I. Every aspect of Tony Manero failed for me. It didn?t tell a compelling story, it had an undesirable cast of characters that I didn?t want to spend any time with, it had bland or downright non-acting, even the cinematography was terrible. In the climactic moment when the main character, Raul, gets to show off his talent impersonating Tony Manero it seemed tailor-made to perfectly nail the camerawork because you just match the shots in the original film. Instead we are treated to awkward over-the-shoulder shots, odd close-ups, and strange moving cameras around him. It was all the worst choices, and made it feel simply like the actor never got the dance down well enough to make it look right. After watching this movie, I felt like I needed to take a shower, it was so unpleasant and upsetting. I can?t fathom why anyone would want to see Tony Manero, but if it sounds interesting to you then by all means enjoy it, I will gladly never sit through it again.

Dan W (gb) wrote: Interesting concept. Crappy execution.

I dont know w (nl) wrote: I'll only watch a casino film if it looks good. This doesn't.

Brad B (kr) wrote: not one of the best of the genre, but interesting and fun enough for a casual view. sue thought a chunky patrick swayze was pretty weird and wondered where this movie fit into his current health difficulties.

Tanner S (it) wrote: The grinch looks kinda scary.

Debra L (au) wrote: Wonderfully heartwarming movie about being frustrated after years of marriage and refunding one's self. Dated but still timeless!

House M (it) wrote: A tale of America, young Spike Lee takes you deep in the rythm of the hood with all of the intrinsic nuances, contrasts and subtleties that the big melting pot can create. Funny, controversial, and embedded with 90's references, this movie is a must.

Tor M (mx) wrote: Herzog is one speicial type of fella. While his most recent films are documentaries his older ones are more alternative stuff.This is a comedy drama where we follow Bruno S - an alcoholic that tries to start a new life after spending some time in jail. Should he stay in Berlin or go to the US to explore new territories? Bruno is portraying himself as I figure it. Scenes are shot in his actual apartment, where he plays his piano he bought from salary from his first film "Jeder fr sich und Gott gegen alle". That's cool. In real life he is also an unwanted child of a prostitute that also dropped him to the ground at a very young age. He really got som issues, but that's why you will be impressed with his acting to - it feels natural.The last 15 minutes or so are fantastic and one of the better endings I have seen recently. Cool music, cool shots and I get why Lunch is a fan of the film. "Stranger than Paradise" comes to mind, but not many other films as this stands out from the crowds. Weird but sweet little film.7.5 out of 10 cold turkies.

Thomas S (au) wrote: Good fun start to finish.

Bill B (gb) wrote: The fifth film in the series is a step up in my estimation, as it amps up the action quite a bit. Zatoichi is tasked with escorting a young woman out of an area, which naturally puts him in the middle of two rival gangs and climaxes with a battle between him and at least a couple dozen men.Solid stuff and well worth tracking down.