A film crew travels to the Valley of Baztan to make a film about certain events that occurred in the seventeenth century is the history of discrimination suffered by so-called "agotes", people who were forced to live apart from the rest almost to our days.

Racial discrimination is still present at the life of the valley of Baztan after more than ten centuries. A young man rebels against the discrimination suffered and which were also subjected his ancestors. Just for being Agotes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baztan torrent reviews

Michael C (us) wrote: Ack, I'm pretty sure when I picked this up, I got it mixed up with something else altogether, because this wasn't the movie I was expecting. Sadly, It isn't any good either. There's glimmers of excitement, and a nihilistic tone, especially in the last act, but it's very confused and drawn out. It just doesn't have enough plot to justify it's length, and it's budget was obviously too low to incorporate any devices that could have added depth. Not horrible, but not good.

Chad H (kr) wrote: Okay, we all know Milla Jovovich to be a hardcore, gun blasting chic. This movie is the exact opposite, and it is the best movie in my opinon she has acted in. This movie is all about love and how you find it in the strangest ways and how love truely is blind and how men can be stupid.

Daryll C (br) wrote: I think that this website is talking rubbish, Digimon The Movie is an awesome, amazing flim that brings the excitement of the first two legendary seasons of Digimon together, I like the way the story is split into three parts, it's full hilarious quotes that I'll remember forever. And the animation style is just nostalgic and awesome. The cast is awesome and so is the Soundtrack, I could watch this film over and over again it's that great! I give this legendary movie a score of 100%, I don't care what anyone else thinks, also I don't think this website appreciates an awesome movie such as this one Daryll Mega fan of the Digimon Movie

Private U (br) wrote: Surprisingly decent HALLOWEENesque indie horror. Tough to track down, but worth it.

Branden W (ca) wrote: The Cottingley Fairies have always been a fascination of mine, and to see a film inspired by the pictures themselves, was a treat. The film itself becomes a bit too "fictional" for me however, instead of remaining believable and truly inspired by the actual events in history. Interesting enough for a fan of the paranormal and 'occult history', and imaginative enough for anyone else, having little or no knowledge of the true events...

Hugh H (nl) wrote: Really really not good!!

Justin O (it) wrote: For Seagal it should be "Hard to Make A Good Movie". However, it's better than most of his generic action films.

Michael J (us) wrote: Quite a complex movie! Emotionally complex. A lot of reviews/opinions of this movie praise it for it's safe, yet effective "PG Horror" for people of all ages and I certainly cannot disagree with these statements. However I will say that for some people watching this movie, they may find a little more in this movie than what you may have expected from these seemingly simplistic and matter-of-fact reviews. Frank LaLoggia accurately captures the dichotomy of the magical/complexity yet somehow simplicity of childhood thoughts, understanding and maturity. And also how some of this continues to live on through adulthood. There are creepy moments, but these are also masterfully meshed with and even contrasted by genuinely sad, contemplative and joyous moments. One needs not to look much further than the musical direction (which from the credits seems to be handled by the writer and director LaLoggia) for the intentional emotional dynamics of this movie and childhood. Highly recommended, particularly for fans of: LEMORA- A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL, SILVER BULLET, MONSTER SQUAD, POLTERGEIST, HAUNTING OF HELL HOUSE.

Oliver G (es) wrote: Great novel, but Peter Ustinov is just not Poirot. David Suchet is the real Poirot.

John D (nl) wrote: It is a funny movie and enjoyable to watch. It is not trying to be anything other than a comedy and is consistant to this point of development. The engine underneath this film is highly polished and well articulated perfection.

Heather F (jp) wrote: Not impressed. Seems like an awfully lot of movie for such a small plot. Pretty boring until the last 20 minutes and just not that impressed. :(

Paul D (mx) wrote: A treasure. This bittersweet comedy and detective film features an exceptional cast, story and look. It's worth seeing many times for the subtle and rapid dialogue, visual clues and pace.