A short documentary on hair styles that appeal specifically to women of middle age and the middle class. Elements of sociological inquiry merge with Maddin's customary decayed imagery (...

A short documentary on hair styles that appeal specifically to women of middle age and the middle class. Elements of sociological inquiry merge with Maddin's customary decayed imagery (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andruw F (br) wrote: Joe Swanberg is a genius! He makes things that feel real! This one is the most real though, with a documentary feel. The directing is obviously good! The cinematography was very good, and the performances and script were outstanding! And there are definitely a few laughs, but it's not hilarious. But that's not what it's trying to be. I loved Joe and Anna's characters, but only liked Melanie's character. She got to be annoying at times. The story is where it falls apart. It's a pretty good plot, but I didn't feel it was used to it's full potential, and some of the stuff it did was very annoying. This is a very re-watchable movie!

Chris W (gb) wrote: cool magic history lesson. lots of magic idols referenced.

Jeremy d (us) wrote: This movie is great the story is to it is very good so much better then most dance movies now third time watching it today

Tesfahiwet M (kr) wrote: A subtle beauty. I really enjoyed this film. I love how we interpret art. Is art better in a museum or in a home? I don't know. The sculpture that was broken and left under the sink was restored and is better in the hands of art curators. On the other hand, a desk in a museum is just for viewing.

Michael M (it) wrote: Postal is a movie that revels in its political incorrectness with a juvenile glory, seemingly aiming to offend everyone. Not even director Uwe Boll himself is safe in a cameo that ends with his death via gunshot to groin, but not before implying to be a pedophile and stating that his films are funded by Nazi gold. Verne Troyer is raped by monkeys, George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden run through a field hand-in hand, and a body count including men, women, and children is pushed to an outrageous extreme.Critically despised, many saw it as a film that was offensive for the sake of being offensive. On some level, maybe, but to write it off as simply being that will result in you missing out on an outrageous satire of our culture of hate and violence. The violence is incessant and non-stop, as characters go about their day casually accepting random acts of brutality around them. In the end, the Postal Dude gives a profanity-laced monologue on our idiotic culture that seems to look forward to the end of the world, and creates a culture that may very well result in it. Yes it's violent, yes it's offensive, but it's done to such an outrageous degree that it becomes parody, essentially asking the question "what is wrong with you, world?"I love outrageous, over-the-top comedy, and Postal definitely has plenty of this. There is so much sheer ridiculousness that I found myself laughing a lot more than I expected to. It's shockingly outrageous, and I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Much like real life.It's also surprisingly well made, considering it comes from one of the most hated directors of all time. It moves at a brisk pace, it's competently filmed, and all the actors put forth good performances with Dave Foley steals the show as the sociopathic cult leader Uncle Dave.It's not a great movie by any means, and not all the attempts at comedy work. It seems to run on the mindset that things like the mentally handicapped and morbidly obese are inherently funny. Postal Dude's cruel wife reaches a size rivaling Gilbert Grape's mom, and a mentally retarded man bound to a wheelchair is taken advantage of by a psychotic cop. I didn't necessarily find these things offensive, but I also didn't find them to be funny.Fortunately, whenever one joke feels, there's usually a successful one right around the corner. Outrageous is the best word to describe the film, with everything from the surprisingly well written banter to the physical comedy to the balls-to-the-wall violence reaching those proportions. It's not for everyone, hell it's not for most people, but if you're curious you just might be surprised by it.

Lukas S (it) wrote: Certainly one of the better serial killer themed movies out there. A very fine performance by Malcolm McDowell. If you're familiar with Chikatilo's story you'll probably be amazed how well the movie captures this gruesome tale of a deranged psychopath.

Reena I (mx) wrote: The story revolves around a woman accused of killing her lover, and the lawyer who defends her.I like court room drama. May be if I say it is not a good film but ideas Madonna expressing worth to see. May be every body getting they deserve.

Gregory M (ru) wrote: The premise was really good,the plot ws really good,but something was not satisfying for me. It raised some serious issues but at times I felt like the core of those issues was not very accurately targeted. That being said for the time this got released it was pretty bold and amazing.

Dave S (mx) wrote: Tashlin and MacLaine are keen, but this is Jerry Lewis at his most tiresome.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: If you've seen one Disney sports drama, you've pretty much seen them all in terms of story structure, and the studio's latest entry into the unofficial canon, Million Dollar Arm, is no exception. With that said, the film is a breezy fun time that will be hugely enjoyable for anyone who finds the formula to work for them. The true story of two Indian young men who come from nowhere to become major league contenders is expectedly inspirational and rather heartwarming, all without being overtly so in terms of the latter. There's plenty of moments that will be eye roll inducing for viewers allergic to that kind of sentimentality, but this formula, for all of its tropes, works quite well every time (I'm not gonna lie, the last ten minutes or so almost had me tearing up). The acting here is solid: despite his character's often unlikeable personality, Jon Hamm is a charismatic lead and delivers a good performance, and the likes of Alan Arkin, Aasif Mandvi, Bill Paxton, and Lake Bell make for solid supporting performances. The standouts here are the two Indian pitchers, played by Life of Pi's Suraj Sharma and Slumdog Millionaire's Madhur Mittal, as well as Pitobash Tripathy, who plays an Indian baseball fanatic who aides Hamm's J.B. Bernstein. All three have solid moments of hard-hitting acting, but they really shine in their charm and deadpan humor in the fish-out-of-water role.If the Disney sports formula doesn't work for you, Million Dollar Arm certainly won't convert you. But, for anyone looking for a heartwarming time or a simple good time to watch on a whim, it'll be a home run.

Enrique O (it) wrote: Clasicazo del cine ochentero, y del que muchos vern por curiosidad, los que les gust Tron Legacy.