BBC Four Sessions: Bert Jansch

BBC Four Sessions: Bert Jansch


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
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BBC Four Sessions: Bert Jansch torrent reviews

Keisha M (au) wrote: It was, for the most part, intriguing most of the time, but failed to hold my interest in the latter half, which seemed to be made up entirely of gore. Gore can be good and all if you're into it, which I can be, but this was a bit over the top.

Francisco R (mx) wrote: Good actually, but, this movie wood be nothing if Uma Thurman didn't take the lead role as Eliza, she was the soul of this movie and hse was proably the only reason to make me watch it. It was really close to be a half good movie, but I think it deserves this rating, but it sure doesn't deserve the 4.6 in IMDb. The movie itself is good and has clever jokes, but there's missing something in it. Diferent from other comedies, and certainly not so good as some other fantastic ones, but it can be considered comedy, after all, a comedy is a funny movie, right?Katherine Dieckman directs and writes this movie, wich shows that she's not that good at that. Uma Thurman takes the lead role perfectly, even though the movie is a bit bad, my rating was three stars because of her, she coodn't play this role better, there's several roles of this type, but she is probably the one person who cood play it best, Uma is known from Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Ceremony, Pulp Fiction, Be Cool and much other movies. Anthony Edwards has just an okay role, no big deal, Anthony is known from Top Gun, Zodiac and some other movies. Minnie Driver just has an okay role as a supporting friend, Minnie is known from Barney's Version, Good Will Hunting, Flipped, Tarzan, Ella Enchanted and some other movies. Sow, as you can see, this movie has a good cast, but Uma is really worth to be notticed, she's the soul of this movie, the kids cast was completed by Daisy Tahan from Little Fockers. Good cast? Yes. Good perfomance by Uma Thurman? No, amazing, excellent perfomance by her. But, besides Uma, the movie cood take a better cast, and just a thing, just because Jodie Foster appears in it for like five seconds (That's right) it doesn't mean, that the movie will be a bit more popular and the rest of the cast cood be better, it was not awful, but if they picked just some known and great actors like Uma, one of the problems of this movie wood be solved, even though that's not really important, as longest Thurman stars in it.A full time mom, Eliza Welsh (Uma Thurman) who has left her job for her kids and is careful and is always alert to what they do, she really consirnes about them to grown up, now her daughter Clara (Daisy Tahan) is about to come six years old and she will have to prepare her party. Eliza, during that time, will have to go to several shops and putting the things on a small bike, she will have to face the stupid customers who make her mad and she will also try to write five hundred words of what motherhood means to her so she, her husband and her two kids can have some more money. Sow, as you can see, the plot kind of suck, I didn't like it that much, it cood be have a few adjustments but it surprisingly worked, it actually did, but not perfectly, it just worked here.Soundtrack, the soundtrack was surprisingly good, besides some good songs in it, there were also some fine themes, so I can say that this movie has a good soundtrack, with several bad things in it, at least they cood join a good soundtrack in it. Not memorable photografy. This movie is one of the only movies in the world wich is not that much necessary to watch eith high quality, if you watched it in high defenition or a copy of it on YouTube, it woodn't be that diferent, the quality of the image was a bit bad.Besides all that, I am now going to tell you what I really thought about this movie. First of all, it had much more to give, they already had Uma Thurman taking the lead role but it wasn't popular for some reason, there was something that just didn't work. Motherhood had a 4.6 in IMDb, just because it was not popular, so basicly not to much people saw it, because if it was a bit more, it wood have at least a 6, but whathever. We can see that there's something missing in this movie, I think it's the plot who makes that happen, the kind of plot just makes the movie being to fast, this movie does have all the things that an actual movie have but this movie is just light, there's no big important things in it, it's really light. I'm not a parent but I guess moms will identify to this movie, or shood I say, Thurman's character. Do not hope to watch a fantastic movie, because you will not, but it's worth to watch Uma's amazing perfomance. This movie was about to fall in two and half rate line, but it slightly didn't reach it, Uma Thurman cood make this movie work, I wood probaly rate it as a half star movie, but no, I didn't, I mean, I wood probably not see it, Uma cood save a movie to be a even bigger disaster. Overall, this movie has an excellent perfomance by Uma, a good rest of cast (But Uma is way out of their league), this movie also has an acceptable soundtrack, a not that good plot and overall, a mediocre movie that will surprise more faces than others. Hard working moms will like it more, but that depends, everyone has their opinion, I'm not a dad, but I liked it. Watchable.A step way to reach the word bad. Recommended movie. Grade: C.

Kim B (gb) wrote: This director picks good actors. I liked this one better than Swimming Pool, though. Very depressing and leaves questions. I liked that it didn't go in order.

Matthew C (ru) wrote: I realize that this movie is technically pretty flawed. But I just ADORE Weird Al's work. The writing is hilarious to me, the cinematography is still so goofy, the acting is ridiculously over the top, and the soundtrack is really goofy. This whole film is goofy. It's like an anti movie, with basically no structure, arcs, and real value.And therein lies its true beauty.

Gene A (kr) wrote: WOW!! awesome movie. action was EPIC!!