BBS: The Documentary

BBS: The Documentary

BBS: The Documentary (commonly referred to as BBS Documentary) is a 3-disc, 8-episode documentary about the subculture born from the creation of the bulletin board system (BBS) filmed by computer historian Jason Scott Sadofsky of Production work began in July 2001 and completed in December 2004. The finished product began shipping in May 2005. Although the documentary was released under the Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike 2.0 License[1], meaning that anyone can legally download it for free, Jason Scott Sadofsky has made it known that the downloadable version is only a taste of the full experience and recommends that individuals purchase the documentary DVDs.

Through eight episodes, director Jason Scott covers the 25 year history of the Dial-Up Bulletin Board System... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg H (nl) wrote: Wanted to like it so much more. A must for fans of either Buckley. The rest my pass on by.

Josh S (us) wrote: I really just wanna see Diora Baird, if only for a few minutes.

Ian B (fr) wrote: Very much influence by movies like Blade Runner and Nemesis. There is a lot of boring drama scenes tied together by wacky futuristic "Jetsons for Adults" scenes. MIIKE FANS: If you like City of Lost Souls, but think it would be cool in a sci-fi setting, you might like this. Riki Takeuchi is awesome in whatever he's in though.The whole film keeps a nice looking futuristic setting that doesn't look too far from reality because it is a probable future. Miike uses a dark yellow tint for his color correction/film stock(not sure), as well as shooting a desolate cityscape that looks apocalyptic and very worn down version of Yokohama. it look like a different world than the one we're in.

Sandra M (br) wrote: What a witch hunt, don't get arrested in the South. Fascinating.

Lilianetty l (mx) wrote: I must admit the cast did a brilliant job! The music score was stunning also. I must admit Ian Holm did a wonderful job *can't spoil even if I want to what his role was here, still is a hateful one, so good!* Johnny Depp gives a wonderful performance, same Heather Graham. Even the one that works for the Ripper did a brilliant job (I love everything that man does in films). 4 stars of 5 for this movie (long time wanting to watch it and now I got the time at last). to hope Sherlock S4 includes him as a proper villain (he would be the most amazing case ever) - May 28, 2014 review.

Sherrill F (nl) wrote: #1 favorite comedy of all time. My go-to movie when I want a laugh. It's just perfection.

James C (ca) wrote: Though nowhere near as good as the original 1978 film, it still has enough charm to entertain fans of the original. Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield are likeable enough as the leads. Although there are a few less than stellar musical numbers ("Prowling", "Rock a Hula Lua"), there are some bright spots ("Back to School Again", "Reproduction",and Love WIll Turn Back The Hands of Time"). Although the film suffers from some really poor editing, the majority of the film is enjoyable.

The Critic (mx) wrote: Sequel to 'Every Which Way But Loose' (1978), this is a surprisingly enjoyable caper with orangutan Clyde stealing the show.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: From writer/director Jack Hill, whom Quentin Tarantino cited as a major influence, comes this hard and heavy blaxploitation film, made after producers American International missed out on making Cleopatra Jones, so they turned to Hill to come up with something, and this is what he made. Coffy (Pam Grier) is a nurse whose sister has been left brain-damaged by drugs and now has to live in a rehabilitation home. So, by day, Coffy is a nurse, and by night, she's getting vengeance on drug-pushers and pimps around Los Angeles. Coffy has a friend in police officer Carter (William Elliot), who used to date Coffy years before, but they're just friends now, and Coffy dates Howard Brunswick (Booker Bradshaw), who is a high ranking city councilor, who is close to becoming district attorney. After Coffy tracks down and kills some dope pushers, she finds herself being the wrath of the Mafia, with her life in danger, when pimp King George (Robert Do Qui) and mob boss Arturo Vitroni (Allan Arbus) on her tail, she learns the truth about those nearest and dearest to her. It's a tale of revenge that doesn't let up or hold back any punches. It has some good moments, like a cat fight with loads of female prostitutes, and a grisly racist murder. But, it made Pam Grier a star for a little while.

Tony M (nl) wrote: Released a year before #ABayOfBlood, Five Dolls For An August Moon is another "who-done-it" slasher fest directed by the great Mario Bava. Unlike the former, Moon is not as well put together. Characters are ill explained and the murders are no where near as gruesome as they were in A Bay of Blood. Even still though, the more and more Bava movies you watch, the more you pick up on his unique style of film-making techniques. Seeing how each of his movies is put together is worth a watch on their own.3/5

Darren R (kr) wrote: Garbo laughs! Oh, how I love her.

Holly S (de) wrote: This had a phenomenal build up and yet- flaccid. Good slasher films, particularly those resurrected from the 80s should not rely on their history alone. When producing films in the early 00s- there has to be a fuel that encourages a new audience. This film relied far too much on assumed knowledge meaning, for some of my friends, it was lost on them. For Freddy Krueger fans- this tantalised with cutting dialogue & signature pecan wit. For Jason fans- looming 7ft2 hockey puck is present & suitably slashes. But that's it. The plot is weak, the holes are plentiful & the 'is he dead/isn't he dead?' question at the end simply doesn't serve to excite or inspire and is a lazy attempt at cutting a film with the hint of a possible sequel. Close but no cigar.

Jens S (au) wrote: Some ideas and especially the atmosphere of the southern swamps remind of the first True Detective season, and came out years before it. But the timing is off a couple of times and the characters just aren't as compelling. In the end the film does pick up a little speed and you can't blame a story based on real events for being not particularly spectacular or surprising. But if it wasn't for the good names in the cast this would have been instantly forgotten.

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Luke W (us) wrote: Fantastic! Charming! and a total win!