A movie about some people one the love parade 2000.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:German,English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   ambulance,   chase,  

Two days in the life of several visitors of Berlin's Love Parade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott Y (us) wrote: Not so good, not so bad. If you like the actors, you like it, if not...

Sana A (de) wrote: sonali n srk make a gud pair

Markus M (ru) wrote: The film's main problem is it's pacing. While it's consistently entertaining all the way through, the real highlight moments are too few, not to mention the two story elements of the film - the action crime thriller it sort of starts out as, and the schlock gore fest it ends as - feel a bit unbalanced in terms of the whole of the film. Maybe cutting the film down a bit could've helped the pacing? In any case the film is still entertaining with a great soundtrack, great humor, and some inventive creature and gore effects. Despite no one delivering an amazing performance, Harvey Keitel is on point as always, George Clooney is delightfully intense, and Quentin Tarantino has a talent for playing creepy motherfuckers it seems. Badasses like Danny Trejo and Tom Savini being in the film doesn't hurt either, not to mention the voluptuous Salma Hayek in one of the sexiest scenes ever put on film. Said scene and the mayhem that follows is the highlight of the movie - blood and gore, funny one-liners, and smoking hot women turning into vampiric reptile monsters. I can dig it.7+/10

Jimmy L (ag) wrote: Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Charlie does what he has to do to survive. He lives the persona he needs to, to survive. Charlie has some valid points amid the theatrics. Should he be out on the streets? I don't know. Is he as big a threat as the media makes him out? No. In the end, he's human. That's what this movie shows. Is it a great film? No. The editing above everything is awful. The narration is pseudo intellectual crap, taking a few random acts and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Such as the Aug 8th opener, and the destiny of Tate and Atkins. Is Charlie the epitome of evil? Not to me. Companies that dump radioactive waste in our oceans, and pollute our air, these people who cause thousands to get sick and die are far worse then Charlie. But, they get huge bonuses, live in mansions, and are the pillars of their communities.

Jennifer S (au) wrote: Still holds up pretty good given the age of the effects. Fun sword and sorcery movie.

Kenneth B (it) wrote: There are individual moments that work but overall Deadly Blessing is uneven. The result is nowhere near Craven's best work although it could be viewed as a curiosity.

Eva Marie L (de) wrote: Just finished watching this with my 6-year-old daughter and we both really liked it. It seems to have left off for a sequel? We're both fans of Victoria Justice - I even like Victorious - which is the only reason I gave this a shot.All of the characters were good, Brook Shields among them, and Justice was perfect. The karaoke ending was a special touch.

Ruan P (es) wrote: I just borrow this movie in library , I like the oldest secertary ..she is best ...for me

Eric H (fr) wrote: This is a truly unique masterpiece. It is almost impossible to interpret and apparently impossible to connect to any sort of reality *unless* you are one of the very few who know the *true* story of the *very* early Christian Church. While Bunuel's bitingly critical and ironically distanced surrealism is masterful in its own right, Cocteau opts for a highly personal, self-reflexive, distinctly poetic way to entrance the viewer's subconscious.Obviously, the word surrealism now is applied to anything strange, weird, wacky etc. But I think you do need to be accurate when discussing art that was made at a time when surrealism was a specific, and new, movement! This is a truly unique masterpiece, whose influence can still be seen decades later. There will probably be a natural temptation to try to interpret, to ask "what does it mean?" Don't! That would break its magical spell and bring you back to the mundane world of the intellectual. It doesn't "mean" anything. It "means" everything. It "means" itself.

Harrison W (ag) wrote: A beautful, but ultimately cynical view of the news media. I don't gasp much, but I did MANY times during this movie. Jake Gyllenhal's performance was amazing. Just with a single look, he exuded creepiness.

Matthew H (es) wrote: amazing cast in this awesome remake.