Be Silent

Be Silent


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Andrew D (fr) wrote: I saw this movie last night at a christmas fundraiser for the vets of Cape Cod. at O'shea's in yarmoth port. I have to say this is one of the most spiritually uplifting films about redemption and forgiveness i've seen in a long time. filmed with mostly unknown talent and with non actors on the Cape. Imagine Local Hero, meets In The Air- meets Waiting for Guffman and you might have a grasp. I was blown away by the restraint, tenderness, and sense of humor shown by a new director in David Wall and Sean Brennan. It's now my new "it's a wonderful life" that i will watch ever year. Please give this movie another chance.

gLeni a (nl) wrote: di maganda..kaya ko Lang siguro tinapos kase andun si vicky donovan ng vampire diaries..di ko Lam totoo pangaLan..saka for the sake Lang siguro na matapos..meh mga funny parts pero sobrang konte..

Steve G (es) wrote: The girl was pretty cute. Not awful, but not that good.

Ben S (de) wrote: Mediocre family film of the 70s, jampacked with song montages and other cheesiness. Good, wholesome time though, and I actually like Robert Logan as an actor for some reason. (Check out Wilderness Family and Snowbeast)

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: Finally came out on DVD recently, and it's just as great as I hoped. Paul Newman rocks my socks off. If you're a fan of Newman or movies about lawyers, I recommend checking it out.

Kevin H (de) wrote: I accept that most 50's horror aren't scary by today's standards, but what the hell is this? When you see a title like this you expect to see blood and a blood thirsty beast. Instead we get no blood at all and a beast who either wants to take over the world or live in peace on Earth....yeah which is what the people wanted.The overall story is fine with the astronaut coming back to life and being one with the beast....but the title really kills the movie. Night of the Beast would have made the fans more happy because there really isn't any blood to speak of.I like how the 50's movies had endings that left room for a sequel but wisely never made one. This movie isn't the worst i've ever seen but its almost up there.1 out of 5