Be Yourself!

Be Yourself!

Ethnic comedy of a nightclub entertainer trying to train a boxer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:1930
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boxing,  

Ethnic comedy of a nightclub entertainer trying to train a boxer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elo D (br) wrote: Rated on the use of second screen technology mostly (which is great). The plot is a bit light.

Dathan R (ca) wrote: I love the show, and the movie does not disappoint.

Matt C (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this even if I'm not sure the film as an overall package ever quite achieves what it sets out to, or if as a cinematic package it ever quite matches the individual tension and interest of the classroom scenes. Well worth a watch though.

Steve J (au) wrote: Yes, it's a movie about a font, and yet it's really about the entire world and philosophy of graphic design and communication.

Christian M (it) wrote: Wanted to like it but was a bit shit

Heist (mx) wrote: More ratings to follow.

Jen H (ca) wrote: The story is a bit meaningless and under-developed--more apt on a Saturday-morning serial. I probably could be a bit more critical of how Stallone played Rocky. He comes across as mentally impaired for large chunks of the film, when he talks about fear, I wasn't sure if that was just crazy talk, or he was being serious. For all the restraint, character growth and maturity, the last fight though is a bit dishonest to the rest of the movie.For all its fault, it is undeniably Rocky though, and the spirit of Rocky is still evident throughout the film. I feel it should be credited for attempting to do something unique with the Rocky mythos

Guillermo G (ag) wrote: Es realment interesant, pero a la vez muy impactant... Nos habla del estigma d la sociedad con respecto a la desinformacin del SIDA, centrando esta enfermedad como algo exclusivo para la comunidad homosexual...

Guy G (fr) wrote: [80/B] There isn't much of a plot to this Depression Era downer; it's the kind of film that expands outward (drifting about narratively) upon the perspectives and pathos of one or two center stage characters, feeling its way through textures of relationships and stark memories. Somewhere, amid very grim surroundings, it persuades us in the genuine sadness of the human condition, while gently highlighting the grace of loyalty. Streep is very fine, but the show belongs especially to Nicholson, who is outstanding as a washed-up ex-family man and haunted drunk wandering through a hard world and a ramshackle life. His character is one of great humanity, but also of great regret, a man unable to forgive himself for past mistakes and past happenstance. His long self-punishment is possible through an enduring inner strength, one that acts as a shield for his friends, all similarly blown-out and derelict. Wonderful acting, with a spare, effective script full of aching silences and heartbreak. Very sad, but gripping with emotional accuracy and a feel for its desolate historical age.

Lee M (au) wrote: Blier's portrait of showy machismo, reflexive bad behavior and empty pleasure is his sad commentary on seventies culture.

Greg W (us) wrote: ok short B movie western

Adam S (gb) wrote: Criterion's new Blu-ray of this famous, final film by Max Ophuls is indeed as glorious as you thought it would be, with a stunning transfer that beautifully realizes (probably for the first time ever) Ophuls' brilliant use of color, while his trademark long takes and dizzying camera moves fill the Cinemascope frame with amazing cinematic theatrics. Forget that Lola, the dancer and courtesan who has her story told in flashbacks during a melodramatic circus routine, remains an unattainable figure, and Martine Carol, though appropriately beautiful, is no Danielle Darrieux, this is all about Ophuls and his duty as flamboyant ringmaster; as always he pulls it off with a flourish, and it's the most lavish thing he ever made.

Colin D (de) wrote: This movie won best picture over Citizen Kane??

Tree J (fr) wrote: I didn't fancy Cars. It is just too "kiddy" for me. If there were actually SOMEONE in the cars, I would have personally enjoyed it. That and the unamusing plot.

Kent R (ca) wrote: I hope we don't wind up like this, but I think today's society is has this on a subliminal level.

Robert B (jp) wrote: An original film & story with a great screenplay about sacrifice!

Brian B (ag) wrote: For some reason, I've seen this Kirk Douglas movie more than any of his others. It's a very good one and Kirk is as great as he's ever been.

Nandan T (es) wrote: Schindler's List (1993) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994) are, as of now, only two movies that I would rate 5 stars. A masterpiece from Steven Spielberg.

Heather M (kr) wrote: The cast was great and the magical escapades of this band of thieves are very entertaining.