A privileged rich debutante and a cynical struggling entertainer share a turbulent, but strong childhood friendship over the years.

The movie traces the 30-year oil-and-water friendship, including their love for the same man, between free-spirited Bronx Jew CC Bloom and uptight San Francisco WASP Hillary Essex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter A (ag) wrote: I wish I was damiein

Reuben S (es) wrote: This is what I said on Netflix reviews and on Comics Grinder website about this film: This movie was definitely contrived. The events simply unfolded in a far too cadenced way to not have been staged. My biggest problem is that the contrivances themselves are so hackneyed that even a 7 year old could detect them. Who HONESTLY thought he'd let some old unsanitary I-likely-deal-heroine-on-the-side Eastern equivalent of a hippie stick a needle filled with goodness knows what into his junk? And the just-attractive-enough but conveniently tolerant blonde that becomes his squeeze? Spare me. This has all the makings of a bad romantic comedy script a film studio didn't want to buy and was therefore shopped down in the pits with reality TV producers, who didn't want it either, so a few juveniles decided to add another banal tongue-in-cheek "real" perspective to the already mountainous slush pile that is modern entertainment.That said, Moote actually is endearing. I look forward to seeing him in legitimate projects. I'll give him a pass for this one.

Adriano B (mx) wrote: Jackie is Jack, a dimwitted immigrant in Japan, the nation with the lowest crime in the world gone mad, streets of LA style: so he decides to tranform into the psychoest godfather of the bunch. WTF? A rather bland actor without martial arts for a pretentious but messy flick which makes you sympatize for the Jakuza.

Josh T (ag) wrote: Um. It's kind of funny. Funny in it's failures to be funny. A good movie to watch just for the heck of it.

Jeffrey (it) wrote: good not great like the original

Kyle M (it) wrote: A really good, thought-provoking presidential film. (A-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Jonathan P (fr) wrote: Turn off your brains and don't compare it to the horror of the original or else you will be sorely disappointed. .Exorcist: The Beginning is an attempt (that almost succeeds but not quite) to tell the backstory of troubled father Merrin. The story is a mixed bag of interesting circumstances and dull circumstances, outrageous circumstances, intriguing circumstances, and laughable circumstances. The acting is strong from all parties involved but the overused CG really destroys the feel. The final conflict has it moments but the makeup (which is nowhere near as terrifying as Bair's) leaves a bit to be desired and the conflict itself felt a bit out of place for such a slow moving film. Not great but for people interested in Merrins past it should be ok.

Christopher H (au) wrote: Roger Moore does a very good job in his first outing as James Bond, immediately implementing his expert-level of sly wit that would eventually sculpt 007 into a comedy action hero for the 70's. When it comes to this one and the next (The Man with the Golden Gun), Moore is very much the singular best aspect about them. While certainly a step-above the disappointing "Diamonds are Forever," I don't tend to go back to Moore's first two outings that often. Aside from the fantastic Paul McCartney theme song, Moore, a solid group of villains, and a decent boat chase, this particular entry is pretty average for the most part. The light horror elements sure add a unique flavor but the blaxploitation elements severely date the movie.Also, I really hate Sheriff J.W. Pepper and it boggles my mind that he also appears in the next Bond film. Was this Dukes of Hazards reject really THAT popular!?!

lvaro S (gb) wrote: Aunque est medianamente bien actuada (sobretodo por la poseda), The Possession resulta predecible, aburrida, mal editada y asombrosamente poco aterradora.