Bean works as a caretaker at Britain's formidable Royal National Gallery, and his bosses want to fire him because he sleeps at work all the time, but can't because the chairman of the gallery's board defends him. They send him to USA, to the small Los Angeles art gallery instead, where he'll have to officiate at the opening of the greatest US picture ever (called "Whistler's Mother").

The " Bean" film is one of the most popular comedy in all the times. Mr. Bean is responsible for a costly picture to a Los Angeles museum and makes interesting things. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evelyn p (nl) wrote: I hate it so much that I didn't watch it

Zypher Jude R (ca) wrote: The story is simple and plain, no added spiciness.

Ronnie B (fr) wrote: pretty lame. it seemed like it was going to be about the 14 kids disappearing and trained to kill people, but no it seemed more like a movie bout a family loosing their son and the dad going crazy bout it. pretty stupid movie.

Jason V (kr) wrote: Clumsy structure? Certainly. One note characters? Perhaps. Simple answers to complex questions? Almost certainly. But know what? There's a human aspect to the film which makes it endearing and immensely watchable at the same time. Jill Scott is the absolute stand out here, going from emotionally battered to confident and sexy. Tasha Smith is a joy to watch for another reason: you're never quite sure what she's going to do or say; she's capable of anything. This Perry film isn't about race. It's about people. And despite some structure problems, it is an enjoyable story. Just don't think about it too hard.

Carol S (mx) wrote: I enjoyed Swordfish. It had a fresh plot with neato plot twists. Even the cliches and gratuitous sex was entertaining. The special effects were AWESOME. Sometimes you can enjoy movies without intellectually dissecting it. I mean, who can break through the Dept of Defense's security in 62 seconds. Reality suspended quite nicely thank you very much.

Alex B (it) wrote: Funny as hell... BET is playin it out tho lol... Brian Hooks is funny and DJ Pooh always makes classic hood comedies

Anthony K (us) wrote: Great documentary. Not overly intellectualised. Very accessible to the viewpoints put forth by this great thinker & honest man. Lots of good archival footage. A movie of hope.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Killer Klowns from Outer Space is one of those movies that make you wonder what type of drugs people had access to in the 80's and yet it is a quality movie. Somehow the Chiodo Brothers have turned a concept about evil space clowns who use weapons like cotton candy ray guns, acid pies, and man-eating shadow puppets, into remarkable cult classic. It is absolutely baffling how something as ridiculous as Killer Klowns from Outer Space has managed to be so entertaining.

Jeff A (kr) wrote: Something about its lack of quality in the script and vibe is redeemed by two of the three lead actors and frequent homages to classic films.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: After Repo Man (1984) and Sid and Nancy (1986) became minor hits, Alex Cox was given the opportunity by Universal Pictures to make whatever he wanted, no questions asked. Cox teamed up with screenwriter Rudy Wurlitzer (Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (1973)), to make this surreal, other-worldly western, which is one of a kind and absolutely insane, but it says a lot about American invasion. In 1853, William Walker (Ed Harris), a soldier-of-fortune, is asked by millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt (Peter Boyle) to go to Nicaragua and overthrow the government down there. He takes 60 mercenaries with him, and the plan is that Vanderbilt can open up a shipping lane in Nicaragua between the Atlantic and Pacific. However, it all seems to go too well for Walker, as soon as the government is overthrown, Walker finds himself elected as President of Nicaragua. He has a mistress in Doa Yrena (Blanca Guerra), and from 1855 to 1857, became delusional with power, and essentially a brutal dictator, angering Vanderbilt back in America. When Cox made this film, it was at the height of the Contra War in Nicaragua, around the time America became involved. But, it has some insane yet deliberate anachronisms throughout. Plus, there's a mad supporting cast including Rene Auberjonois, Joe Strummer, Edward Tudor-Pole and Kathy Burke. Cox never worked in Hollywood again after this.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Pretty standard B-movie material.

Greg W (ca) wrote: ok williams' water musical.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: A laughable comedy however not laugh out loud funny. You'll get some small giggles here and there. I did like how they stayed true the parody form like in Scary movie where they have one main story line and have a few other goofs of other horror films. Fun for a watch but you'd be better off watching the first two Scary Movie's.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Um kra tem sua mulher sequestrada e precisa fazer umas merdas a bordo de um veculo, sendo que a proprietria lhe encontra e acaba entrando na furada... filme fraco com cenas de ao ruins..

Jason K (de) wrote: Its a Denzel movie with a convenience romance/happenstance, not much aside from that in terms of staying power- though thats more then most.

Ricardo A (mx) wrote: Despite some serious flaws, The Possession of Michael King manages to be scary and intense. A flawless performance by Johnson.