A pretty girl arrives on a small island on a dark and stormy night. She becomes an excuse for the turbulence and evil that occurs when one man forgets his dignity and becomes a beast.

One dark and stormy night a pretty girl arrives on a small island. She becomes an excuse for the turbulence and evil that springs when a man forgets his dignity and becomes a beast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (de) wrote: Based on a true story??? Who would write about themselves driving around the streets picking up guys & even contemplate making a movie about it...Bake a cake and watch it cooking - guarantee it will be more interesting - the main actor is a queeny reject who definitely isn't handsome (as the movie rant suggests), the story line is rubbish.I don't know how anyone could edit this dribble to where it is and even remotely believe its a movie let alone a story. If it is based on the authors life, I think he has to much $$$ & an even more inflated self opinion to finance such a woeful load of garbage.Its the type of story that belongs in the trash section of the Adult book stores, perhaps weirdo's in trench coats could read it in between flashing passer by's... Give it a big miss - crapola...

Johnny R (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first one but a lot of fun and had some funny moments!!

Gunter V (es) wrote: Ramin Bahrani's films, at their best, remind me of stories by my favorite writers--Richard Bausch, Tobias Wolff, Mary Robison, Raymond Carver--in the way it avoids clumsy exposition. Every shot and every line of dialogue is doing work. I saw Chop Shop, Goodbye Solo, and Man Push Cart in that order, and Chop Shop remains my favorite, but this is a solid movie, if infuriating and sort of a relentless bummer.

Suan Sui G (jp) wrote: I just couldn't finish the movie. I was thinking come onnnnn til I shut it off halfway through. Why wasn't she just drawing a smile on the kids face? What's the deal with the garbage all over the place and the trashing of her room. I know it's not supposed to be realistic but give me a break. The dramatics were a bit overboard. You might like it. I didn't and my movie bud Jason didn't either.

Matt H (us) wrote: This movie is MIND-NUMBINGINGLY AWFUL! Never subject yourself to this garbage!

Deb A (mx) wrote: campy fun. okay for kids