Brandon, a respected street fighter, is forced to flee the city after his brother is murdered and the money that was supposed to be paid back to a local gangster is stolen. While lying low at his father's house in a small Southern town, Brandon soon gets involved in the local underground cage-fighting circuit. With the help of Drake Colby, a former MMA champion, Brandon devises a scheme to bring a massive payday, if they are able to survive.

Brandon, a respected street fighter, is forced to flee the city after his brother is murdered and the money that was supposed to be paid back to a local gangster is stolen. While lying low ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (jp) wrote: Decently creepy and brutal in parts, Deep in the Darkness doesn't quite manage to fully differentiate itself from the various works from which it derives.

Scottie T (mx) wrote: A very, very unique peice of film and very original being by the way it was shot with beautiful cinematography, eerie editing, no score until the end credits, and the characters being mysterious making this one of Erza Miller's best performances. His character is a troubled, confused child that loves to watch a disturbing style of pornography, and watch other video clips on the web and film things around him. He tries to capture their emotions and im guessing to try and feel what they feel, because he seems confused about how people are feeling, but yet knows what they feel at the same time. One day he is filming a hallway and two girls are walking down the stairwell and collapse dead from a drug overdose, and this is caught on film. It was very unsettling and very well captured, his reaction is really shocking, he walks over, says nothing, and he doesn't tell anyone. a girl walking in the stairwell heard what had happened then came up the stairs to see what had happened and had seen Erza sitting with the two, blood covered teens that had died right in his arms. The direction and script make this movie very thought provoking and i was intrigued the whole time. This film was beautiful, and i can tell the director worked his ass off for this movie to work. It was original, beautifully shot and has a dark, uneasy feel throughout the film and i love that. I don't reccomend this movie to mainstream audiences if you already haven't seen it. This movie was made for people who respect cinematography, tension and very, very slow but powerful acting. i really enjoyed this movie. It was weird, but in a really fantastic way. It's amazing!

Stef T (ag) wrote: Oddly captivating for such a brutal and at times confusingly pointless film. Visually gorgeous with an abundance of foreshadowing.

Ankush G (gb) wrote: wow,,,,,this a very beautiful movie,,,do watch it,,,A spectacular,, cute ,,documentry,, like movie wid a huge heart,, a perfect,, tribute o our national animal TIGER.,Guy Pearce ,,, dose a nice job,,,,,

stefn birgir s (jp) wrote: We Icelandic folk really aren't all like him, or them. Quite good film though.

Evan L (mx) wrote: Unpredictable and thrilling. I enjoyed it.

Marie Y (au) wrote: This movie is (according to my parents) a very powerful and accurate depiction of how it was to live in China from the '40s to the '70s. I never understood it when my dad watched it in the past because I was too little, but I watched it again maybe two or three years ago, and it was extremely poignant and realistic. The acting is fantastic, too. I've mostly only seen Ge You in comedies, but he does a really, really amazing job in this movie. Gong Li is flawless, as always.

Jesse B (mx) wrote: Ah, Adele. Poor young, confused, slightly psychotic girl. Francois Truffaut's The Story of Adele H. is the story of a beautiful young French girl in love -- rather obsessed with a strapping young British soldier whom she follows half way across the world to confront. To be quite honest, if this film were not based in fact and the main character did not truly exist with all of her little foibles as shown, this may very well have been considered a horror film. Adele is actually quite deranged. She relentlessly stalks the young soldier under the banner of love, and does everything in her power to convince him that they are to marry. She goes as far as to tell her father (the great H. of the film, Hugo, as in the French revolutionary and author, Victor Hugo) that the two of them have been wed, which in turn prompts monsieur Hugo to write the local papers about it which eventually, being rather big news as it is, makes its way to the young soldier who is quite taken aback at the information.Adele tries everything while keeping her namesake a secret. It would seem that her father is nothing more than a meal ticket for this spoiled young woman, as she does nothing but ask for his consent to wed a man who does not want her, and to beg for money on which she is currently surviving over seas. Monsieur Hugo, loving his daughter as he is portrayed as doing, obliges her in both. The money she spends frivolously and the man she pursues relentlessly.At the end of the film she is penniless, having fallowed the young, and now married soldier, to Barbados, and completely mad it would seem, walking the dusty streets in tattered garments which once adorned her as a symbol of her status and rank in society. She now haunts the poorer quarters like a zombie in a dry, lifeless land.Although it is not one of Truffaut's truly great films -- being 400 Blows and Jules et Jim -- this is a very good movie with an astonishing performance by Isabelle Adjani in the titular role. Any honest Truffaut fan would be amiss to let this gem go without a viewing.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Correcto musical de Minelli , sin llegar a ser un gran espect culo entretiene por las canciones , los protagonistas y ese aire naif que tiene.

Jason M (ag) wrote: Very intense John Huston flick. Bogart, Bacall and Robinson performances are as classic as the actors themselves. These are the stereotypical roles they are known and loved for. Despite taking place almost entirely in a couple of rooms, the suspense and tension never let up, and you are held at attention until the very end.

Dillon L (au) wrote: Fun hold up very well I love the atmosphere

Constantine S (ca) wrote: ???? ??????????? Lee Marvin...

Simon P (fr) wrote: Touching and amusing adaptation of a stage play about love, relationships and sexual attitudes. Interesting early role for Russell Crowe as a gay man living with his widowed father. Some nice performances and the few minutes of Rebekah Elmaloglou on screen pleasingly pleasure the old eyeballs.

Tiago P (nl) wrote: A little long, but it ultimately works. The Magic effects are pretty cool and the pacing is very good. Not an amazing movie, but it is fun to watch.