Beatles Stories

Beatles Stories

A big fan of The Beatles growing up in the 60s, Seth Swirsky noticed that whenever he heard someone relating a story about themselves and The Beatles, he was "all ears". So, starting in 2005, he sought out and filmed those with never before heard, "Beatles Stories". Written by Mike Pope

A big fan of The Beatles growing up in the 60s, Seth Swirsky noticed that whenever he heard someone relating a story about themselves and The Beatles, he was "all ears". So, starting in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher C (ru) wrote: The concept is very interesting but the movie turns out to rather boring. Though there are several tense scenes that are very interesting. There are a lot of cameos and it was cool to spot them out.

ashwin G (au) wrote: first 1/2 movie is just wonderful but later it becomes boring!!

Marelie H (us) wrote: best sa movie i have ever watched

Jim A (nl) wrote: ok movie linking a few stories,could have been much better,worth watching if bored

Kate T (ru) wrote: It's not a good film, not a good actors...but I just love the story...when u are 16...what are u doing in this year? How is yr life in 16...It's tell us what is really important things/ memory...of our life. Just try to do anything when u are young!

Jay Y (fr) wrote: This movie is thee truff

Darren P (es) wrote: Doesn't hold up as well as the original, but it is still a formula that works - if barely.

Sanford R (kr) wrote: Don't really care about this

John A (mx) wrote: Great 90's Thriller Which Has Been Imitated Several Times Since It's Release In 1992, Including A Straight-To-DVD Sequel. The Film Is Very Well Made And Has A Slow Steady Pace Which Climaxes In An Increasingly Growing Excellent Performance From Jennifer Jason Leigh. Bridget Fonda Is Also Brilliant In Her Role As The Struggling Victim, But It's Leigh's Performance Which Makes This Film Rise Above The Imitations Which Followed. With The Almost Perfect Casting Of The Two Main Characters, And The Almost Original Plot, For It's Time. This Is A Thriller Which Should Not Be Overlooked, It's Not A Masterpiece But It's One To Watch.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: The sequel to Saturday Night Fever (1977), and producer Robert Stigwood, decided to get Sylvester Stallone, (then hot off First Blood and Rocky III) to writer, co-produce and direct it. It's that fact that stays in your mind throughout the film, and it makes for an odd combination, and it hangs over the film like a big, pink, glittery cloud. There's nothing in this film you can take seriously. Former disco king Tony Manero (John Travolta) is now living in Manhattan, living a clean life and trying to make it big on Broadway as a dancer, but he finds it hard to get past the audition stages. To make ends meet he works as a dance teacher and a waiter at a dance club, but things change when he meets English dancer Laura (Finola Hughes), who he spends the night with, even though Tony has an on-off relationship with Jackie (Cynthia Rhodes), the singer in a local band. Tony, along with Laura and Jackie, audition for a new Broadway production called 'Satan's Alley', directed by Jesse (Steve Inwood), it's a performance that pushes Tony to the limit, but he has to choose between Laura and Jackie ultimately. This has all the makings of a guilty pleasure, but there are parts of it which drag. It comes across as a non-pornographic version of Showgirls, and Travolta dances, prances and mugs as much as Nomi Malone did in that. It's a daring film for Sly, but it's a bit off-kilter, plus it ends on a shot of Travolta's bum, what does that tell you??

Jeanette B (us) wrote: This is one of my favorite movie musicals! I love Peter Lawford and he is great in this film!

Enna (ag) wrote: I WILL see this one day, when I am old and wise and able to say, "That was cute. Where's my cranberry juice?"

Alexander E (br) wrote: Amazing Drama. Its one of my favorite Robin Williams films.I watched it in English class thinking this is gonna be boring, and ended up really enjoying it.

Elvira L (kr) wrote: There is a scene - the one where a character realizes that beauty resides within - that makes the entire enterprise worthwhile.

Collin R (ag) wrote: underrated and insanely charming with flawless chemistry