Beats of Freedom

Beats of Freedom

A history of Polish rock and independence.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Polish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A history of Polish rock and independence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yash B (mx) wrote: This is an engrossing, moving, and very well directed biopic. It continually inspires you and at the same time keeps you very interested. Despite its 3 hour runtime, I never really found myself bored but I did prefer certain segments over others for sure. The movie also hits a lot of mature and emotional themes that resonated for sure. Despite the dark moments, the film is ultimately an uplifting one that will leave you with more of a happy feeling since its a story of triumph and perseverance.

Always S (ca) wrote: Creepy ass little evil boy!

Quiche E (us) wrote: desolation malgre une grande testud.

Alastair W (fr) wrote: Dirty shouty punky London

Scott H (nl) wrote: A superior haunted house thriller.

Daniel S (fr) wrote: The Invitation makes you feel tense since the very beginning and successfully delivers a great overall thriller which is incredibly well acted.

Josh O (gb) wrote: I took notes on this shit so here we go.This is a great film about what it really means to be a champion in a world full of champions. There's a great shot in this movie reminiscent of the Great Gatsby where Robert Redford has returned to his hometown to tell his father that he has become a great skier but isn't making any money doing it. He stands on top of a metal bucket showing that he is still who he once was, a farmboy from Colorado. The film also has the theme of the American sense of importance, the American team always refers to other teams by their nationality instead of the individual names of the team members. Individualism is not portrayed well in the film really. The American team works as a whole, wearing the same white uniform and practicing the same routines. Though there is competition and the competition is animalistic at times. Redford is seen drinking water from the sink, holding things with his mouth, and so on. The camerawork is fantastic in this film, there's one shot shown from Redford's perspective racing down the mountain. I honestly don't know how they got some of these beautiful shots. The ending is kind of lackluster though, Redford wins the race and there is a brief moment of suspense when the French team almost takes it away from him but it's nothing great. Overall though a great movie and a very good title. What is the goal of a skier? To race downhill as fast as possible.

Stella D (au) wrote: terrific, subversive, anarchic and bold

Orlok W (ag) wrote: In 1924 Nathan Leopold and his friend/lover Richard Loeb were two wealthy young Chicagoans, from Jewish American families, who were extremely well educated. Both were believers in the theories (somewhat twisted) of Friedrich Nietzche regarding the idea of the superman. They believed that supermen could regard certain laws as being only meant for "little people", not supermen. One thing they felt they could ignore was the criminal code...and this included murder--Dean Stockwell is particularly good in this fictionalized version of the Leopold and Loeb murder and trial. Bradford Dillman is right there too. Their intensity is frightening... Welles as Clarance Darrow!!

Mark S (jp) wrote: a pleasant surprise. loved hearing "my funny valentine".

Connor G (nl) wrote: Uneven in tone, and rather too silly for me.

Grayson W (mx) wrote: Interesting for a super low budget film, but ultimately almost nothing happens . The Rifftrax version is hilarious though

Waleed A (it) wrote: beastly awesome. phenomenal action and very funny. went deeper into some of the characters and had a psychological aspect to them. awesome continuation of the mcu storyline. bad-ass, interesting and different villain (5 viewings)

Brendan N (au) wrote: Moody and very atmospheric film that bogs down in a very depressing story. Some of the casting seemed pointless but naturally there for funding purposes. I enjoyed the film mostly but struggled with the relationship between Gracie and Adam, they seemed so distant every time they were together. I would like to read the book but for the most part, this film works and satisfies its target indie audience. Francis was completely creepy and unbearable so they certainly did well there.

Sajeesh M (br) wrote: superb.....remaining series to watch.....