Beauties at War

Beauties at War

A ski resort town struggles to become the top tourism spot.

A ski resort town struggles to become the top tourism spot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (au) wrote: An under-performed action thriller.

Merkley M (fr) wrote: I learned more about my friend Tommy Guerrero in this 90 minute documentary than I did in the whole 3 years we played in the same band.I think finally I get what all those skateboarders are so nuts about.Great story about a fine group of kids. Lots of love here. Good shit.

Michael S (ca) wrote: Home alone for adults. Working with a low budget and some messy scenes. The film is great for what it is. Twisting what would be another terrible home invasion movie. Aggression Scale ends up being a refreshing. If Kevin from Home Alone was a mute sociopath this is what it would have been. A rare gem.

Jenn T (jp) wrote: This movie was ridiculous from the start!

James M (ca) wrote: I really loved this movie. Uplifting and romantic. The actors do a great job in developing the characters into people you connect with and care about. Great job all round.

Amanda W (au) wrote: Different/A Little Funny/Not Bad/ Liked.

Andrea S (fr) wrote: This was a gorgeous and enjoyable flick. Interesting lives of a few different people. Nice camera work, creative, poignant, introspective but also lighthearted.

Matthew R (nl) wrote: I'm biased, clearly, but ... recommend!

M K (es) wrote: At times, this film is almost painful to watch, due to John Hurt's touchingly lonely performance. Thoroughly excellent.

Bill M (gb) wrote: Shrill, stupid and filled with deeply annoying overly cartoonish character's, Terrorvison is still worth a punt for horror junkies for it's stylised, skittles coloured production design and for John Carl Buechler's gloriously gloopy, KY jelly covered creature effects, it can be a gory fun, time just turn the volume down every time someone talks and your good.

Casey O (au) wrote: I had no idea what this was about, but man that's a beautiful title. Anyways, while I have sympathy for the story, it's pretty lacking in execution. Very repetitive and while the twist towards the end is nice, it REALLY should have ended with the dance. A little to much melodrama at that point.

Maria Analyn I (es) wrote: Family and faith serves as the key themes in this heartwarming movie. Regardless of whether or not you believe in a greater being, you will be left amazed at how a group of people bound together by their faith can do almost everything. This will make you believe in how heaven indeed is for real.

John A (au) wrote: Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 crime thriller, is a superbly crafted film, which features, a great script, some top notch performances (especially from Swayze) & excellently choreographed scenes involving both surfing and skydiving. Patrick Swayze steals the film as the charismatic, Bodhi. Where as Keanu Reeve's performance isn't totally great, but it is one of his very few that doesn't come out as wooden or annoying. The actor's performances are mainly due to how well the script is written. Supporting performances come from Lori Petty & Gary Busey (in what I would call his best performance). Point Break is an extremely enjoyable, action thriller and puts the on screen friendships and loyalties to the test and you can almost feel the tension in Keanu Reeve's head as he figures out what he has to do. This showcases an extremely believable bond of friendship.

Chris D (us) wrote: Someday the pain from watching this film will not be useful to me. I honestly struggled to get through it. It was slow and I failed to take an interest in it.