Beauties of the Night

Beauties of the Night

A young composer has vivid dreams of the past that reflect, yet conflict with his waking life.

A young composer has vivid dreams of the past that reflect, yet conflict with his waking life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler S (br) wrote: Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside.

Nicole L (mx) wrote: didn't want to watch it at the beginning...but now I'll recommend everyone that like romantic stories to watch it! both of the actresses did quite well in the movie!

Movie F (es) wrote: I am a huge fan of the Hitman games and was really dissapointed how the movie turned out.

Ulc O (br) wrote: ce film est mythique, il demande du second degr qd meme!!!!!!!!!

John S (kr) wrote: Underrated masterpiece!

Duke Kyle C (kr) wrote: Seriously, I didn't know if I had a screwed copy, or rather I was having a seizure. The scene dissolves are some of the most screwed up on the planet. It seems like a first year film student, strung out on acid decided to do the editing. Aside from that, I also feel the two main characters were really stupid, and lacked any depth. I hate to label people, but these two guys are the definition of "emo". One talks about killing himself, at which the same time he writes in a journal all of his feelings, which no one else can read. While the other one can't confess his love to him. All this progresses to a final scene, on top of a roof, which literally leads nowhere. What was the director thinking?

Randy T (mx) wrote: A story so bizarre that you'd consider it wildly creative fiction were it not completely true. Jessica Yu documents the incredible secret life of Henry Darger, a janitor who's imaginative works of art and literature were discovered after his death in 1973. Fascinating stuff!

Trey M (it) wrote: This movie is awesome, but for some reason I was really drawn into it Liam Neeson did a great job.

Dan S (ca) wrote: Splitting Heirs has the credentials to be one of the best British comedies of the 1990s. As it turns out, a great cast is completely wasted by Eric Idle's awful script. Some good jokes here and there can't save a film that has no coherent plot and unlikeable characters. Any time John Cleese is the worst thing about a movie, you know you're in trouble.

Sean M (fr) wrote: Luv this movie, have the BIGGEST CRUSH on Diane Lane.....

Aaron A (nl) wrote: A surrealistic and shocking sci-fi which at times shows stains of the time it was made in and at others shows rapid flashes of insanity and striving to find it which dances around expectation.

Paul M (gb) wrote: A nice idea and has some intersting moments but is let down by its low budget status.

Jose M (au) wrote: Okay, this is the set up: guy switches white pins (reserves) to black pins (occupied) on a cemetery map and people die afterwards. Sounds pretty moronic? Well quite, suspense is brought in along with a great performance from Richard Boone who??s very convincing. He hits the part of superstition right on the head as it may say something about us and from the past and present. The film leads up to a shocking that I did not see coming. I Bury the Living is worth watching.