Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

When Petula and Dorothy cover up the accidental murder of one jerk boyfriend, they hatch a hilarious scheme to collect a huge ransom.

Two girls thrown together by their boyfriends' violence accidentally kill one of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben R (gb) wrote: This movie is right on the edge of "love" territory, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give it four stars.This is a film style I really like. It's kind of low-key, indie crime, almost noirish, like Brick or The Lookout. It's the kind of movie that isn't gonna win a ton of Oscars (I was actually surprised to learn that this was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Actress, though both deserve it). It's just a small story that feels all the more realistic because of how small it is.First of all, there's Melissa Leo, who I haven't seen in anything until now, but she's wonderful. I'm really into characters/actresses like Ray/Leo, because they're not huge performances that are super into theatrics and dramatics. I wouldn't normally expect the Oscars to nominate actresses like this, because the Academy is usually into big transformations or historical depictions, but between Melissa Leo in 2014 and Marion Cotillard for Two Days, One Night this year, it seems like they recognize them sometimes. Anyways, Ray is a great character, very understated, and you can sense that she's just desperately trying to keep everything together. There are cathartic scenes, though, too, like the marvelous one when she and TJ (played by Charlie McDermott, who I was thrilled to see after loving him in The Middle) get into a fight. There's one moment that's so beautiful, probably my favorite in the movie: when TJ basically admits that he knows his father is a horrible father. It's so powerful because he's been taking it all out on his mother throughout the movie, frustrated with her and wishing she could somehow take his father's place, but in that moment, he shows that he's not ignorant or idolizing his father. He resents him, too, and it culminates in a heartbreaking hug between he and his mother.Then there are the thriller elements of the movie, which are also great. There are some super, super tense scenes, and the whole climax when the police are chasing them is thrilling. I love the ending, too; at first I thought it would end with Ray sacrificing her relationship with Lila and sticking with her kids, which is a morally gray area to begin with considering it's hard to argue that she'd be selfish for taking care of her kids instead of this random woman she just met. But then it ends even better, with her sacrificing four months with her kids to save a lifelong relationship between Lila and her child. It's a beautiful display of sacrifice and selflessness, and the movie ends on a refreshing hopeful note.

Don S (fr) wrote: A run of the mill romantic comedy with the cute as a button Michelle Monaghan in the lead. The concept is pretty ridiculous, and the ending is entirely predictable. Still, it is hard to make a rom-com I don't enjoy in some aspect, it is just that the sameness also makes it difficult to make one I consider outstanding. This is on the lower end of decent.

Diana B (us) wrote: very heroic Robert Carlyle

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Creepy and pretty well directed. Overall, can't complain about this one.

Ken S (au) wrote: Bad movie that tries to be like E.T. but lacks all the heart, charm, characters, or even story. It is a terrible movie, with a bad cast and an annoying kid hanging out with a far less sympathetic alien character. It is much more entertaining movie when you watch it with Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Diana D (jp) wrote: Quite possibly the weirdest movie I have ever seen.

Miguel P (kr) wrote: Almost all the Zatoichi movies are great, if you like Japanese sword fighting I highly recommend these movies.

David L (de) wrote: It feels so wrong to say this, but I just love this film - When will I ever grow up? This game has been around for decades now and I still adore it, because of its range of characters, background stories, special moves and gore content. The fact that it was made into a single film, never mind a sequel, was brilliant, and seeing those fighting skills come to life on a cinematic screen has just about made my wildest dream come true - Well maybe not quite true, but I do like it a lot. This story has a lot more action packed in, more of our favourites taking to the battlefield, and mortal kombat is evidenced heavily. A few of the villains are not done any justice as they are disposed of without even entering fisty cuffs, with some also being all talk and no action. As per usual in these films, I actually find the enemies more inspiring than the heroes, as the latter are often dull, sensible and lacking that injection of spunk that makes us root for them. If you're either female or never played the game before, you just won't get this at all, as it's very much a mans territory and also very sad to say the least - makes me a right computer geek, but who cares. Given I can't act, I feel this is the sort of movie that would suit me, hidden away in costume, not having to speak much given the low budget surrounding the production, and able to demonstrate flexible arms and legs - I'm a perfect fit I'd say, so sign me up for part 3 of the trilogy :)