Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer

A pilot (Egglesfield) gets shot down and gets amnesia, later on his stricken-with-grief wife (Langton) finds him in a small town and she is shocked that he doesn't remember her.

A pilot gets shot down and gets amnesia; later on his grief-stricken wife finds him in a small town, and is shocked that he doesn't remember her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon K (kr) wrote: I like this movie the title explain the movie comedy not the best but makes u laugh thru out

Gianluca B (mx) wrote: Davvero molto ben recitato e terribilmente realistico (neo-neorealistico?) indubbiamente colpisce: addirittura a tratti delicato.

Lucie B (ca) wrote: a bit off-the-wall but I enjoyed it.

brendan n (de) wrote: van damme why would you make such a terrible film? being a fan of the man its quite depressing to watch such a bad film. there is nothing to recommend it to anyone. the story is silly alot like the supporting characters and the whole concept just doesn't work. more focus on the story aspect and work on the characters may have provided something alot more interesting and worthy. van damme was clearly falling from the spotlight with this film and sadly with bad films like this its easy to see why. die hard van damme fans may find the fight scenes worthy but unfortunately for me i wanted him to provide more then a spinning kick

Private U (kr) wrote: A pretty good comedy movie. Its a strange situation for them all to be in, but its just a great, simple comedy movie. Good for making you feel good for a bit...

Abel D (mx) wrote: Though it may not go far enough with exploring Japanese-American prejudices, Parker's WW2 drama is still a fine piece. With terrific performances from Quaid and Tomita, one of Randy Edelman's best and most moving scores, and terrific cinematography that makes the most out of the film's by-and-large domestic setting, 'Paradise' makes for gripping, if not always deep or powerful, entertainment.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Its too bad the adventure didn't continue, this is better than most Bond films. Joel Grey is great as Remo's Korean teacher, Chiun. Entertaining from start to finish.

Matt W (ag) wrote: A story of Love, Courage and the Triumph of the Human Spirit. A tale of two unlikely heroes struggling to find their car- but also to save the universe!

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Surprisingly effective for a formulaic and cliche gimmick movie. You may say it has terrible acting, but that was kind of the point.

Bobbi S (ag) wrote: had the ring or truth to it so i looked it up afterward ,but it is just fiction, well acted, directed, staged and written. The comment about "too many sub plot" is just ignorant because every subplot is directly connected to the main plot and outcome of the story.

Scott M (fr) wrote: I am not a fan of Katy Perry's pop music. I watched this documentary expecting that it would be just some promotional exercise, without any depth. Perry seems nice to her fans. There are some questionable things. Perry has been accused of forsaking her faith, and her upbringing for fame and popularity. Yet, in a television interview, Perry spoke positively about how the lives of her parents (former drug addicts), were changed after encounters with God. The film shows the pitfalls of fame, like Perry's exhaustion due to her hectic schedule, and her marriage breakup.

Sam F (kr) wrote: A great political thriller, with a great performance by Harrison Ford. The last third of the movie falls into the trap of generic 80s revenge movies.

Summer M (de) wrote: I found Seve The Movie to be an amazing inspirational story about the legendary golfer Seve Ballesteros. I am not a golf fan and honestly don?t know much about the sport but that never took away from upstanding and enjoying the film. Seve the Movie could be enjoyed by anyone, you don't have to know anything at all about golf because it touches on universal themes common to all of us. Viewers will see Seves determination to succeed, his passion for the game, and how the love of his family drives him to never give up. Most viewers can relate to these themes and will find joy from watching this film.