Beautiful Fall

Beautiful Fall

Ninni is sixteen and she lives in a beautiful mansion in the swedish countryside with her family. Her parents...

Ninni is sixteen and she lives in a beautiful mansion in the swedish countryside with her family. Her parents... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isla B (es) wrote: Carey Mulligan v good.

Adriano B (nl) wrote: A peek into the amazing and disconcerting world of Japanese youngster style and fashion, riding with a tale of female friendship. Far from deep and a bit silly, but kawaii to death, and happy as only pink, cute, frilly things know how to be. Loli-power.

Adam R (us) wrote: An OK thriller. It started off dull, but got a little more exciting. I still expected more from a pairing of Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany though. (First and only viewing - 5/3/2015)

Simon R (ru) wrote: A decent game adaptation. Great martial arts and Holly Vallance in the buff.

Jessica H (us) wrote: It's a horrible insult to the first film and tv series. I'm horrified, but amused at times. The artwork is not even as good and riddled with inconsistencies.

Aran R (mx) wrote: A brilliantly crafted drama about Mozart's struggles, enemies, glory and ambitions. Funny and full of marvelous music, I really ejoyed this film version about the Austrian genius.

Don S (nl) wrote: Just a wonderful, beautiful movie about love, acceptance, and living life out loud! One of the craziest beginnings to a movie that I've ever seen! The upbeat music of Cat Stevens and then crrrrckkk! Quite the juxtaposition with the theme of suicide/death! And what a crazy way to meet someone! Wow! I would like to also put Harold's mother up for the Worst Mother in a Movie - Ever award! Her filling out his dating survey is just classic! Gordon and Cort are perfectly cast! Cat Stevens music is so interestingly upbeat and opposed to the darker themes of this movie, and the repeated use of his "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" really works! Other things I loved about the movie: the craziest military salute ever, the super creepy priest at the end, the mention of Petaluma (the town north of me), the scene at Land's End in S.F., and the excellent use of classical music too! And it ends just as it begins, perfectly! Harold and Maude - two peas in a pod!

Ben R (br) wrote: Decent enough body action movies with such an unlikely pair. Somewhat silly and goofy in parts but if you in enjoy 80's action might enjoy this.

Casey S (fr) wrote: A cinematic classic with a cool name and lead, despite some clearly outdated dialogue, the film remains a great one.