Beautiful Girls

Beautiful Girls

During a snowy winter in the small fictional town of Knight"s Ridge, Massachusetts, a group of lifelong buddies hang out, drink and struggle to connect with the women who affect their decisions, dreams and desires.

The film concentrates on a band of classmates who care sex and relationship. Their life becomes chaos when a seductive girl appears. How they deal with serious problem? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (de) wrote: Expected one of those made with a video camera crap western movies but got a rough gem, cult classic pleasure instead. Really weird film. The box portrays it as a true western but it's actually a Post Apocalyptic type thingy. Had me laughing a few times at the subtle, and not so subtile stupidity/humour. Some excellent cinematography, use of camera angles etc. Obviously these guys didn't have a lot of money but they did a pretty good job regardless. Turns out to be a big riddle at the end but all's explained eventually. Don't watch for good acting but watch for the story. If a big movie company had done this film it would've gotten high marks. They could've contributed to better actors, better special effects, and better costumes (though the weapons are well done and covered) and made this a cult classic. The story carries the lack of quality. One exception to the above. You've got to be a Western genre fan or you'll probably go away disappointed thinking this was a "made with a video camera crap western" movie.

Paulina T (es) wrote: After seeing Bali with my own eyes couldn't resist seeing it again through a movie camera lens with a middle-class-well-off-American filter on it...

Peter T (ag) wrote: Great Aussie movie .

Scott R (us) wrote: I talk about this case every time I go into the old Supreme Court. The film was a bit dramatic, but overall well made.

Cresswell S (jp) wrote: billy blanks b4 tae bo, and roddy piper are a great action team, Piper lays down the wrestling moves while blnks does the martial arts. and i love that TORONTO was suppose to be LA

Penny L (au) wrote: An unforgettable film filled with atmosphere and heart. It's a gorgeous ghost story that not only captures the fragility and innocence of childhood but the magic and the wonder that exists in the world when Halloween draws near.The film itself is not scary for it's ghosts but for the reality of what evils lie in the hearts of some men and for how easily the innocence can be snatched from a child. I recommend that all who have the chance watch Lady in White (preferably close to Halloween when the leaves have fallen, the pumpkins are carved, and everyone believes, at least a little bit, in ghosts) and enjoy the wonder and the terror of this mysterious story.

Cameron F (ag) wrote: Morgue workers run a prostitution ring in this funny dark comedy.

Chip R (es) wrote: Great performances, but what was the point of this movie? Has to be one of the worst classic Christmas movies ever.

Tom M (gb) wrote: I think I could watch old westerns continuously! No matter how bad, each one has something to enjoy...

Catherine L (gb) wrote: The story isn't exciting - at least the ending was okay, but overall it's pretty boring.

Deadly V (it) wrote: Mark these great performances!

Felipe I (it) wrote: Que diferena faz uma Anna Faris :)