Beautiful Joe

Beautiful Joe

An extremely nice guy falls for a really bad girl

An extremely nice guy falls for a really bad girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chuck G (jp) wrote: This is a cute movie, some predictability with some good one-liners, and I'm sure many parents can relate to the hectic feelings and situations. Somewhere this is labelled as "sexist," but how a group of women feeling overwhelmed by life and feeling like they are not living up to expectations they feel others have of them as wives and mothers, WHILE doing exactly that and more is beyond me. It's also a silly assertion. This isn't the greatest movie at all, but it's far from being so poorly rated.

Bridgett T (ru) wrote: I kept waiting for the joke, for it to be funny. So disappointing!

Camille S (it) wrote: 2004 Seattle International Film Festival

Doug D (ru) wrote: It's impossible to not like this movie. The cast is stellar, and even though the storylines begin to get confusing after a while (because there are so many of them), the payoff is ultimately enjoyable. "Love Actually" has actually become a permanent part of our Christmas rotation, and it is actually good for date night viewing during the year.

Mithun G (au) wrote: Everything is gorgeous is macro slow motion.

Steve W (nl) wrote: This movie features some great acting from Kevin Bacon and a bit from Slater, but not much else. Its rather a routine and mechanical film, embellishes the truth a lot such as the ending. In real life, Young was transferred twice and then skipped out and escaped without ever being found again. In the movie he dies? How does that work? The movie is decent but not incredible, a routine legal drama that doesn't maximize on its potential.

Faris A (ca) wrote: I can't believe I made it to the end of Last Exit to Brooklyn. Ulrich Edel's attempt at Once Upon a Time in America was bearable until about half-way through before the plot and acting nosedived into a self-important, overly theatrical waste of time.

Akira U (us) wrote: bad taste. thats i like it.

jim t (es) wrote: Really cute if nothng else

Jeff B (mx) wrote: What did I just watch? It's not every day you see Roger Daltrey being given a giant 10 foot long penis by a Russian devil-lady which he rides like a bull as he approaches a giant guillotine. But that's Ken Russell for you. It's certainly a memorable film filled with so many crazy moment's it's hard to forget. I guess the story is about composer Franz Liszt (Daltrey) who competes with fellow composer/Superman/Nazi/Vampire Richard Wagner (Paul Nicholas). The sets are pretty cool and the music isn't too bad (though I was hoping for more original songs), and how can you not be entertained by some of the scenes in this? But it's overlong and pretty crazy at times (all the time).

Geoffrey T (nl) wrote: I don't understand the bad reviews either. This movie is quite good and miles above the standard "B" movies of the era

Ken S (de) wrote: When you consider all of the big slasher franchises of the 80s and there a stranger concept that the evil doll Chucky? A serial killer is attempting to escape capture, and when he is fatally shot, he uses voodoo to put his soul inside a doll...and when he is bought by a single mom for her 6 year old, he begins to wreak havoc on their lives and get revenge on the cop that killed him and the partner that left him behind. It is a totally goofy premise, but it is pretty creepy and has some good kills too. It is surprisingly better than it's stupid premise should allow it to be, and I chuckled a lot near the end.