Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

A hairdresser forwards a passionate love letter to her widowed mother.

A hairdresser forwards a passionate love letter to her mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler H (ru) wrote: A funny "fantasy" film for nerds and followers of That Guy With the Glasses.

Gaspar O (mx) wrote: A lake full of the fastest swimming supersharks on the planet feasting on a bunch of half naked college kids. Sign me up! If this had been low budget like most of the horror films I watch, I'd say it was pretty good, considering, but this had a 25 million dollar budget. For this type of film, with that kind of budget, ya, not that great. It was fun enough though, and two people even lived! A couple bouncing boobies sometimes make all the difference in such a film. Fuck the PG-13 crap. I love it though, that in our ridiculous society, being eaten by a shark, severed body parts, blood, kidnapping, sadism and torture are all PG-13 as long as you keep your clothes on, but show a couple in bed and the morality pigs go MAD! MAD! Aww, fuck it, who cares, watch Jaws instead.

prisca k (es) wrote: an interesting watch

Vincent O (mx) wrote: I studied about ADA when I was in undergrad, and then a group of us went to the city (new york) to assess stores/restaurants/buildings... and I remember we were very disappointed that many didn't follow... and they were like careless... Actors did a great job, I think, especially Ron Livingston and Michael Sheen!

Hunter H (ag) wrote: Best drama of 2005 and Reese deserved that Oscar and Joaquin Phoenix should have won for johnny cash it is the greatest drama I have seen in the past 10 years

Linda M (us) wrote: You gotta love Cheech and Chong.


Luigi D (es) wrote: Georgian director Sergei Paradjanov had the innocence of a child, the talent of a great artist, and the mind of a profusely cutured master; consequently, the fragrance of his naivety, the color of his skills and the resonance of his intellect are the ingredients of this beautiful and engrossing experiment that consists on translating writer Sayat Nova's poetry into concrete images that often seem like a dream, like an ideal, like a world that should be.

Lauri L (us) wrote: Erinomainen rikostarina. Tst Tarantinokin repi ideoitansa..

Brett H (ca) wrote: Would never watch it again but it's short and has a few intriguing moments.

Tin N (br) wrote: beautiful depiction of bi-polar, overly dramatised though

Pravin P (br) wrote: This is my first movie in the Star trek franchise.The story is engaging.The technology they show in a movie made in 1992 is quite astonishing.The CGI work varies from ok to good in various scenes. For example, the way the launcher at the climax, disappearing and reappearing is ok, and the way showed planet Veridian was good.The character importance given to the Android was engaging at the beginning but the way they transformed him into a human, making him cry was not required. It spoilt the essence of his character. Android David from Prometheus was better I felt.The klingon Commander Worf aboard the Enterprise wasn't given much importance. Since it is my first movie, may be I wanted him to be a part of the action.What I didn't like was, the story was dragged a bit nearing the climax, when Captain Kirk had to change his heart. It was lengthy.What I liked was the main villain of the story, the Nexus. And how Soran was deviating its path towards Veridian.On the whole I enjoyed the movie. May be I will enjoy all the episodes in the franchise.

Jessica M (ag) wrote: The way the well known holidays are portrayed in this movie is stunning. They are weird, dull of black humor, and amaizingly capturing. It's a wild ride that is worth every minute spent watching.