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  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Japanese
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It’s no longer a news bulletin that the pressures of modern urban living can result in disconnection and despair, but “Beautiful Sunday” casts a strangely pleasing spell as a droll and formalistic comic drama about the various relationships among, and odd obsessions of, the residents of a Tokyo apartment block. With director Tetsuya Nakashima working in a similar, equally satisfying style as in his 1995 debut, “Happy Go Lucky,” pic manages the neat trick of being both very funny and very sad. Fests are a good bet, although film’s commercial fate is shadowy due to a deliberate style and episodic narrative that require extra viewer effort. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Rio M (fr) wrote: This was so bad, the first 20mins sets it up nicely, as if its a more polished version of the graphic novel its based on. This they proceed to burn the book and turn it into a full blown fairytale. The original did not shove the sleeping Beauty thing in your face like this, there was no constant pinky promises and the monsters were hella cooler and more organic then this. Characters that developed in the book did not really do so here, and vice versa. I am so disappointed in the case of Katherine Turner, here in the movie she lacks something more relatable and doesn't grow from a heart broken mother to a complete badass as she does in the books. Tim by far annoyed the hell out of me with nearly every word he said being about his video game, in the book tim was reserved but quick thinking and willing to help. In short, get the books. Tto hell with shitty CGI scrap of a movie.

Sam B (au) wrote: Guess WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? it sucks.

Ian C (gb) wrote: A nice tale about the fears and hopes faced by two thirty something's as they await the arrival of their first child. Good performances all around. Maggie Gyllenhaal is hilarious as the free spirited college professor. The scene with the stroller and The Stranglers Golden Brown is comedy gold.

Bill v (mx) wrote: I think I was supposed to like this movie. I may have been helped by seeing other films done by director Hong Sang-soo. But this movie never captured my attention. The characters seemed self-involved, too much for their own good. Copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and I wasn't sure why. Lots of insults were thrown around so wasn't sure if they liked each other.After it was all over, I was left wondering if writer's block is solved in such shallow and cruel ways as this movie seems to depict. Creation/creativity may have its struggles. But this movie asks its audience to stretch in ways I think were too far-fetched. It wasn't funny and it wasn't engaging enough for me.

Hunter W (ru) wrote: The one film in the Harry Potter saga that is crippled by its moves from book to film: The Half-Blood Prince shifts focus away from the complex and compelling mission of Potter and Dumbledore to focus on the romantic endeavors of its teen heartthrobs. Resulting in a film that achieves plenty, but withholds what could have been so much more

Adriano B (mx) wrote: Plotwise there is very little sci-fi in this unconventional cyberpunk animation, the retro- noir soul absolutely prevailing over everything else. However, it resurfaces in all its geeky glory in the superb design of future Paris, and, off course, in the B/W cell shading, a bold style choice reminding you always of the artificial nature of the show and producing both nostalgia and uneasyness - from a certain perspective, it's forced on the viewer, which is the point, by the way.

Dustin B (kr) wrote: if you ever thought about watching this move, just go stab yourself in the balls. itll hurt less, it was almost like this movie sucked on purpose... and that dude just looks so fucking strange.

Joshua D (fr) wrote: Billy Crystal is so funny !!! He is the best!

Eric J (gb) wrote: A film I remember from childhood. Watching it now it was just plain silly. The killer cockroaches scene gave me nightmares for years. What a turkey.

Ben W (it) wrote: an entertaining trip through germany with rex harrison and margaret lockwood. its nowhere near as good as reeds other work (odd man out and the third man) but its a good way to spend an hour and half. the climax is pretty great.

Tim S (nl) wrote: X Plus Y tries to be a great film, but alas falls quite short for me.

Raheem H (br) wrote: Orson Welles' final film as a director is a swirling, kaleidoscopically entertaining pseudo-documentary that examines the very nature of art and that bullshit concept we call "expertise." More than that, though, it's just a rousing good tale told by a master who never got his due until he was gone. Welles' baroque stage voice narrates this shifting narrative about artists, scam men and those that could be called both. At some point it becomes clear no such thing as either exists, that we've just made up our transitory definitions of what's good, what's true, what's commerce and what's not. There's no objective way to evaluate the value of any damn thing. And thus, the bottom drops out on all of reality. Welles sure knows how to chart that fall.

Al H (br) wrote: Has a few boring moments.

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