Beauty and the Bastard

Beauty and the Bastard

Modern finnish movie about two very different young adults that after a chance meeting end up making music together and fall in love. While Nellis parents have the perfect career and man planned, she dreams of becoming a singer. Through a chance meeting at the studio, she meets the young and grungy Hip Hop music artist Sunen and asks him to help her make a demo tape. Not only is the ensuing story about differences growing closer and the difficulties that have to be overcome, well told. Also the music is exceptionally well made. It is quite unbelievable that this is the first feature of the director.

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Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 4 Apr 2010Time: 10.30 pmWith: No oneOn: LaptopHello !

Geraldo G (mx) wrote: The movie has several problems that would surely make me see the movie much worse in coming years, but as of today, i still find it very entertaining and much inspiration to creative minds.

bill b (br) wrote: excellent University movie

Denislav R (it) wrote: Easily one of the best Disney movies. I still remember going to the cinema and it amazed me bad then. I rewatched it and it's still one of the best and most emotion-filled out there. I refuse to believe that there was someone who watched the movie and didn't tear up.

Yelle H (au) wrote: The right and left hand of the Devil. I eat a lot of beans to this day because of these series

Brian S (kr) wrote: on the one hand, the music was incredibly weak and gave almost no enhancement to the story. on the other hand, the story was strong and interesting enough that it didn't really need musical enhancement. I guess I would describe this movie not as a good or bad musical, but as a light-hearted social dramedy where people randomly break into song. in that respect, it's a little unusual, but it's not too bad. R&H were definitely out of their element on this one.

Lee C (ag) wrote: That old movie chestnut where it starts off really showing promise with interesting characters and story but halfway through descends into typical stereotypes (it's based in Moldova, so we get slimey Balkan types and rusty, paint peeling locations), bombs and guns. The parents are hugely annoying and it gets boring. Think 'taken' mixed with lethal weapon mixed with battlefield earth (for crap element) and you're getting the idea. Avoid.

Dustin G (kr) wrote: Fantastic Blaxploitation flick with above average acting and dialogue for the genre, and some genuinely slam bang action moments care of the very cool, very bad ass Pam Grier. It's got everything fans of the genre are looking for, in gratuitous amounts, but is a cut above most other 'Soul Cinema' films. A really good time.

Isaac A (fr) wrote: Sure this movie can be stupid at times... Although it is very funny and uplifting. I don't know why people don't like this movie.

Shane J (br) wrote: Dreadful!! the special effects truly are the worst i have ever seen? the monster is weird looking??? And when did winnie cooper from the wonder years get hot??

Matthew L (ca) wrote: Sham-Pow, motherfucker.

Joshua L (it) wrote: It's a nice story and made a nice movie.

Austin D (de) wrote: This is original as hell, but it could have been better in many places. The acting wasn't very well but the characters were enjoyable and the story was fantastic. I thought it was new and weird enough to be good and I was right3.5/5