Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks

Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks

A hopeless slacker, portrayed by the character's real-life namesake, finds his ambition awakened by a gorgeous waitress who is hiding from her past. Strong emotions compel Ben to find the ...

Ben Banks, the 28-year-old journalism student, smokes weed and avoids responsibility. Ben Banks, the movie, asks; What would it take to awaken ambition in this guy? The answer? A local ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks torrent reviews

Christina B (ru) wrote: We wouldn't even making through the first 30 minutes

Alex M (gb) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. One of our new Christmas favorites.

(br) wrote: Im not sure why there are so many poor reviews on this movie. The gang/mafia subject has been shown many times but this is the first one I know of that depicts the life of Asian Americans, its a fresh perspective from this angle alone. The movie centers around two unwilling recruits and give strong attention to their perspectives before and after joining the gang. I was also surprised multiple times by the plot twists and I never had any idea what was going to happen next. Overall, I found it to be very enjoyable. Maybe a lot of the audience just dont have any interest in seeing a movie about Asian gangs with no white male character saving the day.

Shelby H (es) wrote: Awesome movie keeps you interested!

Noname (es) wrote: Pretty decent true story movie. A drama about drug dealers mainly with gangsta style. Many famous actors like Bruce Willis , Sharon Stone etc. Worth seeing.

Emmanuel W (it) wrote: Best black love movie ever! Great performance, awesome artist!

Cameron J (br) wrote: Not a classic by any means, but "Pandora" is technically excellent for its time with superb cinematography (it was great to see it in technicolor on the big screen at the Star Cinema here in Strasbourg), creative editing (mainly so they could imply violence and distress without showing anything shocking), and a strong cast, who fit into the typical archetypes of the day quite well. It has an air of mystery too it - naturally, since it's about the literal Flying Dutchman - but it isn't able to quite hold it the whole way as the script is quite didactic, obvious, and at times cheesy. The character development of side characters (seriously, the leading lady is getting married to a guy and is engaged to him throughout the entire film, but he stops showing up besides a few background appearances after maybe half an hour of this two-hour movie. Still, it's a well-made, well-meaning and fun bit of 50s melodrama that you wouldn't mind catching on the TV if it was on. Fans of classic mystery/romance/drama movies and/or fans of mythology can't really go wrong with it as long as they can handle the dated dialogue and the unappealing use of soft focus here and there.

Michael M (mx) wrote: Things get a little too meta along the way but there's some good laughs, great characters, and some cool scenes. Would have been Rated R with actual nudity.

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Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks torrent

Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks full movieBeauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks (2012) torrent