Beauty and the Paparazzo

Beauty and the Paparazzo

Telenovela star Mariana is on the verge of a nervous breakdown: shooting is not going smoothly, her popularity is waning, and she is forever being hounded by paparazzi. Frustrated, Mariana ...

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Beauty and the Paparazzo torrent reviews

Damir A (mx) wrote: Not as good as parts 1 and 3, but definitely better than the disappointing part 2.

Bill W (fr) wrote: It's a musical from the UCB, how can you go wrong?

Patricia C (br) wrote: Love it! A great reminder that no matter how hard it is, we should love our enemies!

Diana D (kr) wrote: This was a lot better than I was expecting.

Sandy S (fr) wrote: An ardous journey through the many seasons as relationships between a couple experience parched earth, then again hope for the rain. Slow & measured pauses, long holds to capture every emotion, made it almost real-life. Visual treat from the sheer romance of camera & topography. But expected emotions as man & woman meet crossroads inevitably.

Drew R (gb) wrote: What on Earth is happening in this movie? haha I do love cats and weird fantasy worlds though.

Martin S (ca) wrote: The modern woman as the antihero in a web of manipulation and the struggle with boredom in a day-to-day world.

Anna B (jp) wrote: This movie was awful and I've never said that about a kids movie. It was beyond boring and there were NO funny parts (for adults or kids). Not a fan of what they did to the dog either in a movie made for kids! I do not recommend this movie at all!

Li B (ru) wrote: Loads of fun, with David Carradine playing all the supporting roles and also kicking people. Guest turns by Roddy McDowall, Eli Wallach, and Christopher Lee are hysterical. Jeff Cooper, the lead guy, has the worst haircut I've ever seen, but looks great in a loincloth. And I learned the best zen koan I've ever heard: It's hard to kill a horse with a flute.

Chris P (nl) wrote: Kind of similar to The Abominable Doctor Phibes, although not quite as good. Still a fun movie, though.

Sam S (au) wrote: A mysterious and haunting portrayal of accepting the end of life, executed brilliantly with tremendous lead performances, beautiful black and white cinematography, and some of the best dream sequences in film history. a few weak side characters.

Corbin R (mx) wrote: Intriguing premise but it's not enough to redeem this film's sinister, muddled plot.