Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

You thought you'd heard it all in the barbershop, but you haven't heard anything yet - the women get their own chance to shampoo, shine, and speak their minds in Beauty Shop.

Far from Chicago, hairdresser Gina Norris has relocated to Atlanta with her daughter and has quickly established herself as a rare talent in her profession. Tragedy strikes when the shop is trashed and heavily vandalized the night before Vanessa's big piano recital... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian G (br) wrote: W E I R D...nothing else

Aidan H (nl) wrote: Misguided and uncalled for sequel in which the inarticulate characters from the turgid original again wander round Ladbroke Grove txting each other, unburdened by plot and without a decent line of dialogue between them. While they had their burgeoning teenage hormones to blame for their atrocious vocabulary and anger management issues the first time round, here, in the sequel, it makes one wonder how these people have managed to survive without alerting the attention of mental health professionals or neighbours. What was missing from the original was humour. Here it is provided, albeit unintentionally, in the form of SA Johnson, who gargles her glotal stops like a RADA ingenue while the only half-evolved character from Kidulthood (the alpha masculine Oyeniran) is here reduced to a pair of weepy eyes beneath a hoodie. This film is so bad, even Danny Dyer looks like a proper actor. That's why it gets nuffink, bruv. D'yer get me?!

William W (au) wrote: Though I tend to go for both older films (those made before 1970) and especially so when it comes to the horror/thriller genre, I saw parts 3 and 5 upon theatrical release (yes, I know it's really not right to see film series out of sequence but I simply don't care) and they were intriguing and decent, don't ask me why. Now that I both date a horror film aficionado and my 13-year-old son himself is one as well, I have decided to check out the contemporarily well-received original (I may decide now to see the entire series, and in order, but really who's to say?). Instantly, such trusted, bankable actors as Cary Elwes and Danny Glover give it credibility, just as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford gave such films as 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' way back in days gone by. This was much better than I felt parts 3 and 5 were, by the way.

Benny G (it) wrote: This is really cool. A movie for heroes.

Wayne S (ca) wrote: I pulled this little pleaser out of a "film noir" collection, not really knowing anything about it. The first shot of sunny L.A. left me a little perturbed, but after a very spiffy bank robbery scene shown behind the credits, the movie quickly moves into darker territory. With Fred MacMurray in the title role and introducing an absolutely gorgeous Kim Novak. Of course there's flirtation, double entendres ("Getting a spark?"), nefarious pursuits and double crosses, good cops, bad cops and a LOT of looking trough windows. This is definitely a voyeur's trip, frequently reminiscent of "Rear Window." No big deal, perhaps; it was all done better in "Double Indemnity," but you will enjoy this film without a doubt. Very well photographed... little things like Kim Novak checking her make-up in a visor mirror, or the droplets of rain glistening on the stakeout car, shadows... lots of shadows, and of course those evocative dimly lit bars. Well worth the time spent watching.

Andrew N (kr) wrote: A classic horror story that conjures up old school haunted house scares that are still terrifyingly effective for its time.

Tristan M (us) wrote: This movie was terrible. The plot is good enough, but it was poorly done it was just wierd and over the top on so many levels. Like that fat guy who sits at home and controls real people who he makes into hookers or whatever it is he does? I don't know what's happening, the movie sucked, it's confusing as hell and I am now scared for life

Octavian (us) wrote: I will adore anything with Ewan McGregor in it. Why isn't Ewan McGregor my boyfriend. Eva Green is great.It's really Evan McGregor at first, but then it gets weak.

Arjun A (br) wrote: Essential viewing for the Arnold fan, and also worth a peek for the curious.