Yukio is your average high school student who spends his days going to class and avoiding bullies. That is until he meets Ryusuke, a guitar prodigy. Together with Taira, Chiba, and Saku they form the rock band BECK. As their popularity increases so does the danger as Ryusuke's past catches up with him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Yukio is your average high school student who spends his days going to class and avoiding bullies. That is until he meets Ryusuke, a guitar prodigy. Together with Taira, Chiba, and Saku they form the rock band BECK. As their popularity increases so does the danger as Ryusuke's past catches up with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcela F (nl) wrote: loved it, loved his car :)

Christine H (us) wrote: I should probably read some Keats. Anyone got any good Keats for beginners suggestions?

Frances H (br) wrote: At least I agree with the critics that Ed Harris gave an excellent, gripping performance. But unlike the critics, I really liked this film. Why are so many movies made about mob bosses, criminals and those who commit violence or make war? Why are so few made about the people who are so important to the universal human soul, such as artists, composers and architects, or scientists, explorers, and wrtiters--people who work to raise the human spirit?

Henna K (gb) wrote: well I did't actually hate it, but anyone could see, that it was made on a low budget... I liked um, can't remember the name, but the guy with the long hair... ^^ Cute...

Bill B (kr) wrote: This movie is Mario Van Peeble's look at the lengths that his father went to when making Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song and I gotta be honest: I found this movie infinitely more interesting than the long form jazz riff/acid trip of the original film. Melvin made an interesting movie with a very thin plot, so it's hard to get very much out of it for me, which could be a testament to the time and the fact that it wasn't made for me (as a white man), but his son's dramatized version of the events behind the scenes is a helluva lot more watchable.Worth a look, hell I would almost recommend watching this one first, just to give you an idea of what you're getting into.

HeDoNiST (nl) wrote: AMAZING! MUST SEE F*CKIN GREAT MOVIE! Must say it was a fluke i even rented it there was nothing left and the name was obviously an EYE catcher so i rented it. and it was right up there with TRAINSPOTTING and 2 Smoking Barrells

Aidan H (ru) wrote: Really good animated film some stuff made no sense though.

The Critic (ag) wrote: Despite fine performances from the likes of John Candy, Bill Nunn and Kevin J. O'Connor, this comedy fails to overcome it most significant hurdle: it's not funny. Flashes of imagination (Canadian hockey supporters reacting to the exclamation that their beer sucks) are few and far between.

Eric H (gb) wrote: It's brilliant, funny, sad, crazy, insightful and completely, ground-breakingly original. Just pure genius. Woody Allen at his absolute best. I still can't believe that the movie was panned when it first came out -- the only thing I can figure is that it was simply way ahead of its time in its honest depiction of what it is truly like to be a celebrity. The cinematic references to Fellini and Bergman and are hysterical. The cinematography is gorgeous.Woody Allen's too self-absorbed? I thought that was what he did best! From the opening scene to the end, this movie is full of great, funny scenes and odd, memorable characters. This is a short, very powerful comedy, and it's near the top of the list for consistent Woody-Allen laughs.

Derek H (us) wrote: Peter Falk plays a great supporting role as an antagonist. The battle scenes are terrific, and the Italian countryside is remarkable.

Stephen M (ag) wrote: Way more fun than it had any right to be. Action packed, well paced brutal in places. This type of thing is never going to up for any awards but damn it was a fun ride.

Matt D (br) wrote: And here it is: the final film from the greatest film director to have ever worked in the art form - 'Family Plot'. And while it can certainly be said that this lacks the complete package panache of the film's from his 1950s and early 60s golden age, 'Family Plot' is an immensely enjoyable film that allowed my hero to retire with pride. Thanks to a fun and quirky cast the film breezily flows through its interweaving plotline between two couples out to make a big score. The out of control car scene is a particular highlight that made me scream and gasp a little bit and I'm not ashamed to admit it.And honestly, how amazing is it that the final shot of Hitchcock's career features one of his trademark blondes looking into the camera and winking at us, the audience. Thanks for the wonderful films, Mr. Hitchcock. You gave the world a bundle of gifts that will unquestionably outlive us all.

Allan C (de) wrote: I'm a huge Clive Barker fan, both his books and films, and this film had me from the opening lines, "There are two World of magic. One is the glittering domain of the illusionist. the other is a secret place, where magic is a terrifying reality. Here, men have the power of demons. And Death itself is an illusion." I haven't read the novella this film is based upon,but the story here involved private detective and supernaturalist Scott Bakula investigating a missing magician and his ties to a dead cult leader. I love all three of Barker's films as a director; "Hellraiser," "Nightbreed" and this film, "Lords of Illusion," which is by far my favorite of the three. Not that the others aren't terrific in their own right, but this film inhabited a larger and richer universe than the others and I'm also a sucker for the film's noir elements. I also love that Bakula's character, Harry D'Amour, has a history that's not fully explained and seems shrouded in mystery. Even his previous case where a colleague glibly asks, "Was that kid really processed?" and D'Amour simply replied, "probably," though the exchange is intercut with terrifying scenes from the possession, with a horrible creature clutching a small child and reaching out for D'Amour. It's that sort of hints of a larger world of magic and the supernatural that make this film so rich. My only complaint about the film is that the finale seemed to be a bit of a letdown, coming down to a rather small scale battle of magic in an old cult compound. The build up to the battle is great, but the battle itself was kind of corny, mostly I think due to some surprisingly weak special effects that kind of took me out of the film, which is surprising since most of the special effects in the film were quite good. As it was written, the ending is fine, but the execution disappointed me. Despite that, it's a hell of a horror film. There's a great cast besides Bakula, including Kevin J. O'Connor, Famke Janssen in a very early role, Vincent Schiavelli, and Daniel von Bargen as the scary cult leader Nix. There's also a very good score by composer Simon Boswell. Overall, this is a terrific horror film and is a must see for fans of the genre.

Narae P (kr) wrote: A very gripping, authentic, haunting film.Amazing acting throughout.