Becky Sharp

Becky Sharp

The first feature length film to use three-strip Technicolor film. Adapted from a play that was adapted from William Makepeace Thackeray's book "Vanity Fair", the film looks at the English class system during the Napoleonic Wars era.

Set against the background of the Battle of Waterloo, Becky Sharp is the story of Vanity Fair by Thackeray. Becky and Amelia are girls at school together, but Becky is from a "show biz" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patsy M (kr) wrote: It could've been a Tarentino film with the twists and turns packed with outrageous characters. Good Western the likes of Good, bad and the ugly. Great leading lady with as much acting chops as her old man and way better than her mother ever was.

John M (ca) wrote: Witching and Bitching is one of the most original and entertaining films you may have never heard of. Written and directed by Alex de la Iglesia, the movie begins as a robbery caper and ends up as a balls to the wall fantasy blockbuster of a party. There is running commentary on the contemporary states of parenting, relationships, sexuality, and the shifting perceptions of masculinity and femininity in modern Spain, The title Witching and Bitching is represented both literally and metaphorically in the story that starts with several strangers dressed as street performers getting together to rob a jewelry store, with one of the thieves choosing to actively include his young son because it was his custody week and didn't want to miss their quality time together. His ex-wife and a pair of bickering police inspectors soon join the action as the entire group speeds toward the French border. A pit stop at a diner begins a series of encounters with strange women that ulitmately result in the characters being taken prisoner by an ancient coven of witches who intend to serve them as the main course of an annual village feast. Culminating in a hysterically bizarre ritual that has to be seen to be believed, De la Iglesia successfully blends fantasy and action with musings on life on love- What do women want? Why don't you value me more as a colleague? Am I a good father? are all questions debated by the male characters as they try to avoid getting eaten by hungry females. The witches are a comedic personification of how some Spanish men view women, and the pseudo rom-com interchanges during the developing relationship between a bank robber and one of the witches is absolutely riotous. Channeling classic European comedies of the 1970's, De la Iglesia's Witching and Bitching is 112 minutes of unabashed fun.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Not too bad, but could've been a whole lot more.

Kshitij B (gb) wrote: This is one movie I wish I hadn't seen the dubbed in Hindi version of. It took away (I have reasons to believe this) much of the essence of being a Bengali, and being divided into a world of individualism, bonding and the larger society. Still, I loved the premise, the question marks it put on the traditional view of relationships.

Marisa R (gb) wrote: what a beautiful movie! We all love Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico, and this movie reminds us why, because they are fresh, funny, and sweet like this movie. I loved seeing the Latin American reality, diversity and relationships. This is a must for anyone who loves Latin culture.

Maurice B (es) wrote: This movie explores why the same act of show business can truly excite some people and truly bore other people. Much of the comedy in it packs a moderate punch, whereas there are moments when it really shines. This film, incidentally, in its own way already encircles and overcomes all ratings that a reviewer can provide for it, from the lowest to the highest, because it communicates mysteries involving the ancient principle "There's no accounting for taste" and the countervailing principle "There are many accountings for taste."

Buggy B (fr) wrote: Whoa, this was heartbreaking. Showing the plight of three generations of women in Afghanistan living under Taliban rule. Some of the scenes are cinematically beautiful, like the opening one where hundreds of women are protesting (the right to work) dressed in blue against the bleak desert landscape. Ultimately this is just depressing as we follow a 12 yr old girl posing as a boy in order to be able to leave her house without a legal (male) companion to support her mother and grandmother who've both been widowed; cutting her hair changing clothes and working in a tea shop. She is terrified. Before long the Taliban start recruiting young boys by force to their Koran schools and the other students begin to suspect she is a girl. The actress that plays Golbahari/Osama, her face shows such fear and despair. Oh damn the ending....horrific, haunting and unforgettable. 6/6/14

John A (it) wrote: Absolute dumpster fire of an absolutely incredible novel.The acting was awful, and the writing/directing even worse.

Antonio L (es) wrote: A supa gangsta flick thats under rated! Assante was awesome and macho as always, aggresive hair trigger explosiveness with style, this flick is the forefather & backbone of the sopranos

mason b (jp) wrote: I'm finding it difficult to write about Strange Days because, while I really do admire and like it, I have to acknowledge that it suffers from numerous narrative problems that keep it from being truly brilliant. The film has a very complex plot that's impossible to summarize in one or two sentences, but essentially it's a neo-film noir with science-fiction elements. Everything is in place here for the film to be amazing, but it tries to juggle so many parts at the same time: plot lines, characters, themes, and politics. And it doesn't always do it successfully. The third act pushes a lot of its character developments and arcs to the side in frantic attempt to bring all its plot lines and elements together, which it doesn't do very well. As a result, the film's reach is often further than it's grasp. Still, Strange Days is far from a failure. The film is filled with many creative ideas, big thrills, and emotional depth. The latter is due to outstanding performances from Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett. Not only do they do great work onscreen, but they script has given them three-dimensional well rounded characters to play. They are the heart of this film and it's a pleasure to watch them onscreen. Meanwhile Kathryn Bigelow gives excellent directions and keeps the pace quick and the film always interesting. There are moments of true genius. So while the film isn't always successful, it's one I'm very happy I saw and found it far more memorable than many more successfully accomplished films.

Nathan M (it) wrote: Cheesy stuff, but charming.

Orlando D (nl) wrote: Bad Influence is yet another yuppie in danger film that was so popular in the late 80's to early 90's. Here a good, but typecasted James Spader plays a nebbish yuppie who's life is turned upside down by the arrival of Rob Lowe(who is ridiculously over the top here.) Lowe is the sleazy con artist out to turn Spader from a wimp to a hellraising party boy. It starts out that Spader likes his inner demons unleashed until a girl that Spader befriends turns up dead and Lowe is trying to set him up. This is a throwaway thriller that starts off slow in the beginning then gets interesting by the middle of the movie and towards the end feels contrived. Director Curtis Hanson went on to bigger and better films(L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile.)and look for early appearences of Marcia Cross(Desperate Housewives)and David Duchovy(X-Files)overall, this is a mindless movie but well made.

Chris C (ru) wrote: I really wanted to like this film. The cast is wonderful as is the story concept. However, the execution of the film is not handle well, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I generally enjoy SRK in films, but he is truly out of place here. It is almost as if the filmmakers suddenly found out they could get SRK in their film, so they invented the character on the spur of the moment. Perhaps, if the Khan had played the character a bit more seriously it would have worked. As it is, I was disappointed.

Austin H (br) wrote: THIS was a great movie.

Bubba M (mx) wrote: A real good Civil War movie

Jayden C (it) wrote: kool as man dis movie rulzzz

Johnny B (us) wrote: Season of Miracles is a good family film about a little league baseball team that befriends a kid with autism. This changes all of the kids' lives on the team forever. Starring John Schneider, Grayson Russell and a cast of talented actors bring the story from Rusty Whitener's novel to life. Cinematography is engaging and the Americana music sets the mood throughout. Definitely worth seeing with the entire family.

Conrad T (br) wrote: You have to really like this kind of movies to put down a high rating.

Jax R (mx) wrote: Haven't seen it. Accidentally wrote review on wrong film.