Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident

Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident

"Bed and Breakfast" is a romantic comedy about a saleswoman from a large department store in Rio who discovers she has inherited property in the wine country of California. She could never ...

"Bed and Breakfast" is a romantic comedy about a saleswoman from a large department store in Rio who discovers she has inherited property in the wine country of California. She could never ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe H (es) wrote: Watchable and not bad for a first outing by director Ruffalo. Linney's talent seemed wasted and this film was a bit too preachy for my taste. Once again Juliette Lewis plays a good drugged out character. I really didn't feel for any of the characters in the movie and i think that was what was missing.

Riyad F (au) wrote: What a crazy, intense ride this was!!! Documentary at its best!!!Must Watch!!!!

Alec B (jp) wrote: It's a bit undercooked but McDormand, Malkovich, Pitt, and Clooney are all giving brilliant comedic performances.

J D (br) wrote: Fantastic film - funny, moving, Will Ferrell. Everything that I love!

Rodney E (au) wrote: The album St. Anger isn't very good but it is interesting to see the band surrender to inner turmoil, personal demons, and so on and so forth. I think Jason Newsted's comments and reunion between Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich to be examples of what makes this really good.

Kate C (au) wrote: Ew. We watched this at school. Ew.

Jake A (gb) wrote: Though it does have a decent cast, a few good action scenes and some funny lines they aren't enough to overcome a rushed plot, a lacking script and cliche after cliche.

Jussi H (au) wrote: In my opinion, better than Terminator.

Justin A (it) wrote: Russell Mulch showed a lot of promise with his first couple movies before going off the rails in the nineties. Highlander showcases some of his visual style, similar to the way Razorback did.It's supposed to be an epic, but it feels a bit disjointed, rushing through much of Connor MacLeod's history and dragging at the tail end of the movie when the "gathering" is supposed to take place. This is a movie that could have been twenty minutes longer or twenty minutes shorter, depending on what they wanted to do. If they wanted to make a present day battle of good vs. evil, then this movie needed to be shorter. If they wanted to do show the histories and struggles of Connor MacLeod, then it needed to be longer. Instead, it's kind of an awkward watch, jumping back and forth between time periods with little connection.The movie has okay action, but it's the visuals and fairly unique plot that make it stand out above most 80s action movies. Essential viewing for 80s action buffs.

Christopher S (us) wrote: Underpowered for a Wim Wenders movie, but a nice, odd little noir film that also acts as a nice introduction to the godfather of noir.

Murder C (br) wrote: Following "Flesh For Frankenstein" (with the same director, cast members and sets) "Blood For Dracula" stars Udo Kier as Dracula who travels to Italy in the search for a virgin to drink the blood from. Just like "Flesh For Frankenstein", this movie is filled with bad acting, nudity, softcore sex and some gore. Entertaining for what it is (and from what you can expect) but nothing great.

Jack G (de) wrote: a bit of a blunder, though not all Fuller's fault; fitting it was re-released by Troma.

Mike C (mx) wrote: THe wardrobe and weaponry are absolutely authentic. No Hollywood contaimination with buscadero rigs and JR Ewing stetsons. Well casted by fine actors. A good fast paced plot with real life scenarios of the age along side other great films such as Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven. The Lonesome Dove trilogy and Streets of Laredo can sit easy in the classic western hall of fame.

Arseniy V (de) wrote: Just couldn't get through it.

Dax S (kr) wrote: Very well done, great acting and realistic.

Daniel V (au) wrote: UPDATE: Every time I see this, I want to love it. I always end up with the same feeling, it's cool enough. I love the 1933 Original, was fascinated as a child of the 1976 Jeff Bridges/Dino Dilaurentis Crapfest and LOVE Peter Jackson as a filmmaker. So this should've been a home run for me. But I guess I'll take the a 2-Run ground rule double. OG REVIEW: Anytime Kong is on screen, breathtaking and entertaining. That big ape, gorilla, monkey whatever is an amazing feat. However, every scene not involving the King is either boring or just too long. Watts is gorgeous and talented. Black is a perfect overactor for this role but everyone else is average at best. It did not need to 3+ hours nor did it need an extended cut!

Lara W (kr) wrote: Tremendous cast, rich dialogue juuust this side of parody. A tiny bit too long, but well made.