In the backdrop of a remote Indian village, snake-charming is no more a viable profession. Entertainment in different shape is now attracting villagers, so there is a direct confrontation ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:circus,   poverty,   lust,  

In the backdrop of a remote Indian village, snake-charming is no more a viable profession. Entertainment in different shape is now attracting villagers, so there is a direct confrontation ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kurtis A (br) wrote: Netikintiems ? Diev? patiks

Sameer S (nl) wrote: i dont find it more interesting movie, just good but not so good

Tim N (de) wrote: missleading title much?

Russ B (us) wrote: 7/26/2015: Its not a great movie, but I still enjoyed it. Hughes plays the bitch very well and is stunning to look at. Travolta was great as well.

Private U (gb) wrote: esta pelicula es pura experimentacin. aqui podemos ver a las chicas y chicos almodovar en su juventud. Macnamara!

Simon D (it) wrote: Strange film; it's brutal in places, the story is very basic, and the acting is bad, however, put together by a director who obviously is able to salvage, it doesn't look too bad. I sort of like the fact that it's simply an unusual film.

Anthony I (jp) wrote: "Go get the butter".Moral of the story is, people were very easily shocked by things in the 1970's. Everyone brings up the "butter" scene from this movie, but that's only because it was one of the first mainstream movies, outside of hardcore porn, that depicted anal sex on film. So I guess that merits the X-rating it got then? Well, that same year gave us "Deliverance", which included the first man-on-man rape scene ever depicted in a mainstream movie. That got an R-rating. Is this gender bias? I digress.Last Tango in Paris is a roller-coaster, and an uneasy experience. It dances with the idea that we turn to the dark side when we grieve. Our main character fools around with a young, engaged, Parisian women, in hopes of forgetting about the suicide of his wife and disfunction of his funeral arrangements. The more he torments himself with the thought of his wife's death, the more he becomes a sexual deviant. When he locks himself up in the apartment with his mistress, so many things start to unravel, and he plays with her heart so badly, that by the end of the picture, he chases her down, thinking that he has found new love when she is so disgusted by his behavior, that she ultimately shoots him between the legs.This is a contemporary tragedy. Pure, unadulterated Bertolucci. This is also Brando at the peak of his career, straight off of the set of The Godfather, and what we get, is one of the most dedicated, heart wrenching performances of all time. He is so broken down, it's painful to watch. It's a hard movie, but it's just really rewarding in the end.

William W (gb) wrote: Lately I find I have a special place in my heart for the Japanese disaster movie of days gone by. They are so much fun, and their filmmakers throw everything but the kitchen sink in, both so that there's something to please everybody and because they're frankly just so chock-full of bizarre yet interesting ideas. It seems like it would have been a great time to make movies there!I enjoyed this a lot, though many aspects weren't understandable to me, like why as the meteor got ever closer to Earth it got so incredibly hot. I can understand, since the Moon influences tides through its gravitational pulls, why there could have been flooding, but the impact on temperature...I suppose it's simply one of those aspects of watching pre-manned space flight science-fiction films in which you have to approach simply with fun and acceptance, and turn off your disbelief, to simply enjoy the ride. I have no problem with that approach for these films.Cool ideas I really liked were the way one of the aliens altered its appearance so that the warning would be listened to, so that both worlds could be saved, and the concept that when a world crisis occurs, different countries and cultures--and various planets, for that matter--can sit down and work things out together, that all is not lost for civilization and its discontents in 2016. It's thoughts like that that help me sleep at night.This would make a great double bill with 'Melancholia'.