A woman subject to mental, physical, and sexual abuse on a remote island seeks a way out.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   rape,   murder,  

A woman subject to mental, physical, and sexual abuse on a remote island seeks a way out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James G (ag) wrote: I'm looking forward to the sequel - Wrath of the Film Company Executives. Bet they went ape-shit after spending all that money on such a boring, uninspired film. What a wasted opportunity.

Blake D (kr) wrote: A very cool story for a Western with a very good performance from Shepard

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Another fine example of how not to do a video game based movie! Look at "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World", that is a film in which it knows of what it's supposed to be, and they have fun with it! Here, it kinda focus's on what it is, then it doesn't, flashy, fatty, sexy, a derpy derp, a derpidy dippy derpy dumb!! Oh for God's sake! Even Micheal C. Hall doesn't even look like he cares for the role he plays in this film! Just mailing it in!

Leslie D (mx) wrote: Mild thrills and snail pacing should warrant no stars but I always had a soft spot for this bin indie distributed by Sony. Nuthouse setting and cool monster make it worthwhile, kinda.

Gemma F (de) wrote: Strange, sarcastic, poignant, surreal. Like a lot of Quebecois films, it has a certain sentimentality at its heart, but I'll take that over knee-jerk snideness any day. A long, hot, airless dream about fate and redemption.

ane t te c (us) wrote: This is a wonderful piece of work, no real plot and if you're one of those who need one and prefers movies with lots of action, this is not for you. However, I found this film to be very entertaining and it also made me laugh at times. The first scenes are beautifully shot and captured me immediately. There's no real way of saying what it's about, just that you get a view into the lives of a few people. The sexual tension is all over the place even though there's not a bit of sex there. All in all, it was a lot better than I expected.

Bryan R (br) wrote: of course 5 stars. it's one of the best movies of all time.

Dustin G (kr) wrote: Fantastic and under appreciated Stone pic which seems to have been unfairly forgotten about. Features a career best performance from Eric Bogosian, great supporting performances and some real suspense where you wouldn't think you'd find it. Wasn't big on the flashback scene, though the cheesy soft look seemed to fit, but the rest of this picture is just top notch in every way. One in a long list of prime examples of why Oliver Stone is one of the greatest living directors.

Owen L (gb) wrote: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is a science fiction masterpiece. Everything about this film is perfection. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind takes the audience on an emotional and exciting science fiction journey. A Spielberg classic.

Bill B (es) wrote: Fun and typically bleak carsploitation from the '70s. I really dug this one quite a bit, though I would honestly say that I have very little sympathy for the outlaw culture of this time period, where everyone seemed to find themselves entitled to do whatever they wanted, even with 'the man' trying to keep them down constantly.Well worth a look.

Jennifer T (kr) wrote: Though I like horror anthologies, this one didn't do it for me. I found the stories not entertaining at all-rather boring shall I say. If you're looking for a GOOD british horror anthology film see ASYLUM not this crap.

Michael W (br) wrote: A legitimately spooky flick about transitioning back and forth between the "here and now" and "the further". If you like being scared, turn off the lights and suffer/enjoy!

Sonia P (au) wrote: it could have been better

Carl N (it) wrote: Pretty good. Nothing special, but definitely worth checking out.

Martin T (br) wrote: The fact that this isn't your typical sports hero story doesn't make it any more compelling. Robert Redford plays an emotionally distant, matter-of-factly egotistical skier and... well, that about sums it up. Director Michael Ritchie does everything he can to make downhill skiing look exciting, but 70% of the time that just means people fucking up and wiping out. The first POV shot is really exhilirating, other than that it all kinda blends together. There are a couple of interesting character moments, and I especially liked the final note. But the romantic subplot is terribly bland, even if it effectively makes its point. Gene Hackman (always an asset) is mostly wasted in his role as the coach. Despite the attempt at a New Wave kind of sports movie, it just didn't do much for me.