Bedrooms tells a story about the walls that separate people, the heartbreak and infidelity that's often the result and the redemption that comes from tearing those walls down. The film is told in 4 stories by 3 filmmakers. Three of the stories deal with married couples of various ages confronting the turning points of their relationships. A fourth story is interwoven throughout, providing bookends and context in the form of a story about ten year old twins, who, tired of sharing their bedroom set out to build a wall between their beds to create their own spaces. In building the wall to separate, they come to fully appreciate all things that connect them. Bedrooms explores human relationships, their myriad complications and the daily choice we face to either make them work or to move on.

Bedrooms tells a story about the walls that separate people, the heartbreak and infidelity that's often the result and the redemption that comes from tearing those walls down. The film is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (gb) wrote: Mocheeee!!! Ignoble!

Camille L (fr) wrote: La Rumeur Court... se veut comme une suite logique au Laurat et parvient faire passer cette ide saugrenue avec une bonne ide de dpart (le film et le livre existent dans l'univers du film). Par moments, le film de Rob Reiner est mme russi, surtout quand Kevin Costner (remplaant quasiment Dustin Hoffman) est l'cran. Car c'est bien l que La Rumeur Court... atteint les niveaux de provocation du Laurat. Autrement, le film n'est qu'une romcom de plus, pas dtestable, mais peu originale. Shirley MacLaine et Richard Jenkins sont trs bons.

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: This is an interesting fictional story. There is no melodrama whatsoever. The look at life in the rural and poor urban parts of India is fascinating, but I dont feel that they are enough to hold my interest for further viewings. If youre looking for entertainment, this is not it. However, if youre in search of an honest portrayal of survival on the streets of an Indian city, you will find it here.

Official C (fr) wrote: A very heartfelt and profound movie that is bolstered by strong performances from Williams and Damon, as well as a terrific script written by Damon and Affleck.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: I'm watching this on TCM right now and it is amazing. I'm only paying half attention to it but I think they just time traveled or flash backed to the old west and it was awesome!

Chris W (au) wrote: There is debate about whether this film should be classified as a blaxploitation film, or as a forerunner to those films. I'm on the fence about it (for now), but one thing is certain regardless: this is an outstanding, well made and pretty solid crime film in its own right. I could ramble about this one for a while, but just for the sake of time, I'll just try to keep it short and say that I love how this film manages to be gritty, violent (I was surprised at how violent this ended up being), and entertaining, yet still retain a hearty dose of intelligence and substance. That's probably why this film usually gets a fair amount of praise from the critics and intellectuals who normally look down upon blaxploitation and urban crime films. There's tons of subtext, yet none of it is too heavy handed or preachy. Another great thing about this one is the acting. Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto each give wonderful performances that are multilayered and believable. The music and cinematography are also quite nice, although I feel it necessary to give a mild jeer over the fact that the climactic ending is supposed to be in Harlem but was actually shot on location on the Lower East Side. The rest of it was filmed in Harlem, so why not the whole thing?

Zeina S (mx) wrote: I watched this movie a week after I've finished reading the book. I found that it was too fast when compared to the book, and of course, many things were changed from the original story, but this is was happens most of the time with movies inspired by novels. I wonder what I'd thought of it had I not read the book. That being said, I find that the characters were pretty faithful to the ones in the book, especially Neely O'Hara (Patty Duke).

Scott C (nl) wrote: Hate to do this to Sturges & McQueen, but the pacing is horrible. Cut out 20 mins of love story, you got a decent flick.

Richard B (it) wrote: Spencer Tracy gets Oscar nominated for his role as a one armed stranger and Robert Ryan as Reno Smith, who killed a Japanese farmer, according to John Ericson, there's also performances from Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin as racist people, also, there's a very beautiful appearance from Anne Francis, who would later go on to star in Forbidden Planet, but this Hollywood Western Classic remains the best of Hollywood films.

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Sr Ross ud. no lleva corbata ...truculento y oscuro thriller , una de las ltimas pelculas de Hitch conservando su genialidad y llena de frases sarc sticas como : hoy las mujeres abandonan su honor con mucha facilidad que su ropa.

Robert B (us) wrote: Beautiful to look at and full of amazing fight sequences IP man tells the story of Wing Chun probably best known for his student Bruce Lee. But there is so much more to the man himself. If your a martial arts fan check it out for the amazing work of Donnie Yen

Ken B (kr) wrote: Not sure where all the bad press is coming from on this little gem? My kids loved it and its one of the better animated movies since the original Ice Age. Each to their own I suppose, but I would give it a try despite the poor ratings.

Nancy S (mx) wrote: Good, but not great. Arte Johnson was wonderful!