Bedside Dentist


His schoolmates hear rumors of this trial, but understand the challenge to be for him to keep his celibacy. His millionaire aunt, a bit of a sex nut, will give both him and his dental school millions if he can prove that he is sexually able and skillful. Thomas, a naive young dental student, faces a rather difficult challenge

Bedside Dentist is a new movie of Finn Henriksen, John Hilbard, Soya (short story "Når enden er go'"). The released year of this movie is 1971. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Ole Søltoft, Birte Tove, Annie Birgit Garde, Carl Ottosen, Søren Strømberg, Susanne Jagd, Paul Hagen, Karl Stegger, Arthur Jensen, Bent Weidich, Jette Weibel, Otto Brandenburg, Faith Thrue, Christoffer Bro, Mette Anthonson. Movie' genres are Comedy. The rating is 4.7 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Anne D (au)

We saw this at September 23. They had this movie for one night only

Brandon L (gb)

One of the best remakes out there

Clara T (br)

. . i liked it. . . nice touching movie. . . just plain contemporary chinese family with struggle, joy, secret and life. . . . no special effects, no kungfu fights, no epic adventures. . . this is different kind of chinese movie

David R (ca)

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Jiri B (jp)

Legendary cast just keeps on giving

Jordan P (nl)

Though guilty of relying on countless haunted house clichs, The Conjuring balances its lack of originality with an enjoyably light touch, delivering a beautifully filmed thrill ride loaded with bone-chilling scares, thrillingly exuberant direction and an irresistible excess of heart

Marilee A (gb)

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And that is not a nice way to die. Good little twist a the end and some fine direction from the Dallamano. Some great casting in the girls, but as you watch youre constently reminded that this is wrong and the romance between teacher and pupil shouldnt be viewed upon favourably. A sleazier than sleaze addition to the Giallo body of films

Mike M (it)

Overall the films plot is fairly weak and just a vehicle to present lots of musical numbers and several Hollywood stars. I'm no dance expert but I don't think Gene Kelley or Fred Astaire could do what they did in this sequence. they have a tap dancing number that blew me away. . . What really impressed me though was the Nicholas Brothers. Betty Gable's break through film

Nick U (es)

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