Bedside Dentist

Bedside Dentist


Thomas, a naive young dental student, faces a rather difficult challenge. His millionaire aunt, a bit of a sex nut, will give both him and his dental school millions if he can prove that he is sexually able and skillful. His schoolmates hear rumors of this trial, but understand the challenge to be for him to keep his celibacy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nick U (es) wrote: Netflix 3/10/14A pretty damning indictment of the military response to sexual assault. The statistics are incredible and the perps who get away with it are protected by a good old boy network and chain of command. Should be must viewing for any woman thinking of a military career.

Marilee A (gb) wrote: Despicable what people.will do to cover up alcoholism

Clara T (br) wrote: this is different kind of chinese movie... no special effects, no kungfu fights, no epic adventures.... just plain contemporary chinese family with struggle, joy, secret and life... nice touching movie... i liked it...

Vann E (fr) wrote: Has the makings of a cult classic. Interesting plot, and music that helps you get lost in the story.

Sam G (gb) wrote: The sad truth of competition in the auto industry which is superbly portrayed in this film

Tyler M (kr) wrote: George Romero couldn't fully capture the true horror of Stephen King, but still pulled off a great horror flick.

Anne D (au) wrote: They had this movie for one night only. We saw this at September 23.

TonyPolito (nl) wrote: The first major film to put a chirpy/quirky spin on the 'tough school' genre first defined by 1955's "Blackboard Jungle." From a 1964 Bel Kaufman novella, born of her keen observations and notebooks while inside the New York City school system. First out on DVD in late 2007; WB's DVD transfer quality is surprisingly high. Sandy Dennis slips easily into her role as naive break-in teacher at fictional Coolidge High. Coolidge's foremost problem is that it's more an impotent bureaucracy than any kind of institution of learning, with many of its teachers and administrators bunkered well inside silos built of complex, needless paperwork. Along the way Dennis encounters a variety of now-predictable scenarios: student abused by parent, punk takes compassion as come-on, student crush on teacher (and vice-versa), student without parent or home. Dennis truly excels at her subtle revealing of the character's emotions as she navigates and eventually finds port within such choppy waters. Perhaps the film's scenarios are no revelation today, but it surely jolted 1967 viewers reared amidst the cornfields of Iowa. As a once NYC public school student, I know there is validity in the notions this film sets out to portray. Two-foot-wide red centerlines down each hall ensured only counter-clockwise flow of students. Classroom order was the only goal for many instructors; one Spanish teacher told endless macabre tales to mesmerize, skinning his neighbor's cats alive was but one of them. The Principal was unknown by sight; only his voice booming through the classroom speaker boxes was familiar. Truants went undetected for months until the paperwork caught up to them. And there's a strong concordance between this film and many of my personal experiences while teaching within 'a high-need urban high school.' These situations cannot be so much improved decades later. Accordingly, I find this film is still well recommended immersion for those considering K-12 teaching as 'a profession.'

David R (ca) wrote: You won't like this film...I love this film, but I'm like that...but you won't like this film... It's got trains in, go won't like this film...sit down and watch it though, if ever you find favourable circumstances...rainy sunday afternoon, etc...but you probably won't like this'll see why I like this film, but you won't like it...well you might...I don't know...

Mike M (it) wrote: Betty Gable's break through film. What really impressed me though was the Nicholas Brothers...they have a tap dancing number that blew me away. I'm no dance expert but I don't think Gene Kelley or Fred Astaire could do what they did in this sequence. Overall the films plot is fairly weak and just a vehicle to present lots of musical numbers and several Hollywood stars.

Brandon L (gb) wrote: One of the best remakes out there

Jiri B (jp) wrote: Legendary cast just keeps on giving.

Jordan P (nl) wrote: Though guilty of relying on countless haunted house clichs, The Conjuring balances its lack of originality with an enjoyably light touch, delivering a beautifully filmed thrill ride loaded with bone-chilling scares, thrillingly exuberant direction and an irresistible excess of heart.

Mark D (de) wrote: A sleazier than sleaze addition to the Giallo body of films. Some great casting in the girls, but as you watch youre constently reminded that this is wrong and the romance between teacher and pupil shouldnt be viewed upon favourably. Good little twist a the end and some fine direction from the Dallamano. And that is not a nice way to die.

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