Bedtime for Bonzo

Bedtime for Bonzo

College prof Peter Boyd tries to salvage his professional and personal reputation by using a lab chimp to prove that environment trumps heredity in behavioral development.

College prof Peter Boyd tries to salvage his professional and personal reputation by using a lab chimp to prove that environment trumps heredity in behavioral development. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (kr) wrote: Another fictional story substantially more boring than the real one by the looks of it.

Mohd S (ru) wrote: Another amazing work from Sion Sono.

Nadine F (au) wrote: I have so much love for this movie. It's beautiful and lighthearted (well, most of it anyway). I could watch it over and over again.

Seth U (es) wrote: As a fan of Kerouac, I expected a drab boring film, much like every other Kerouac film I've seen (see the last time I committed suicide) however, I was impressed with the actors they chose for the leads, and Kristen Stewart is unforgettable as Marilou. The film was a little long, and I expected it to stick to the novel a bit more, but in all, I'm impressed.

Tim B (au) wrote: I love Dario Argento! This was an awesome movie. I want more!!

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Fun from com with fun plot. Good performances and flows very well due to good direction and editing

Issac L (kr) wrote: Mike Nichols presents a political satire PRIMARY COLORS, which came timely during Bill Clinton's infamous Lewinsky scandal and impeachment in 1998. So it might boost the publicity then, but 15 years later, when our memories fade, the film actually has weathered pretty good, narrating from a Black young novice Henry (Lester)'s eyes, who assists Governor Jack Stanton (Travolta)'s presidential campaign for the democrats, initially Henry thinks Jack is different from other politicians because he viscerally cares about adult literacy and dyslexia, but when he gets closer to him, the stain of Jack's personal life is far more reprehensible and the conniving political game is far too scurvy for an idealist like him. With a light touch, the film sets its campaign process in a vibrant tempo, benignly portrays Jack as a zestful candidate who canvasses and panders to his voters with great facility (through the different connotations from his body gestures and a memorable slapstick cameo from Allison Janney) in spite of the relatively youthful and uninitiated team. Then when Jack's wife Susan (Thompson) comes into the scene, the placid surface cannot dissemble the cracks beneath as soon as we detect Jack's philandering nature. A sex scandal is well-expected, which invites the troubleshooter Libby (an open lesbian and a close friend of Jack and Susan since college), plays by a fiery Kathy Bates, a devil-may-care warrior can track down any sources and break them, Bates is well-deserved for this hard-earned Oscar nominated performance, her wrangle with Jack and Susan about the integrity she cannot forsake is purely magnificent. Emma Thompson is perpetually excellent, especially under Nichol's guidance, a perfect wife behind a successful man mode is such a cinch for her and she nails it with much more nuances to accentuate her vulnerability and snobbishness. As for Travolta, it has hitherto been his last decent offer (if one can count out his droll transvestite transformation in HAIRSPRAY 2007, 8/10), underneath his cordial impression, his true color does not betray easily even in the hardest times, maybe that's why makes him a successful politician. And Adrian Lester is the audience's proxy, a wide-eyed enthusiast undergoes the tidal wave throughout, and an adamant observer which cogently influences his sea change in altitude through the screen to the viewers, bookends with the ending's artificial vagueness which also corresponds with the beginning, the same handshakes, different undertones. Forget about its reality allusions if you can, PRIMARY COLORS qualifies itself as a better-than-expected dissection of what politicians are made of, we are all characters with flaws, sometimes moralities and political expertise should be discriminated in order to see through the murky smoke screen and select the credentialed ones instead of stalking horses. As for most of us, the most substantial message is that there is no win-win situation or whatsoever in the political composition.

Gary R (us) wrote: The whole plot of this movie is a knockoff to Casablanca

Louis C (ru) wrote: As Solanas's extreme hatred of men is full-blown from the start, the movie has nowhere to go dramatically. Added to the fact that there is no suspense because Solanas' shooting is known, the narrative just seems to drag. Ultimately the question remains as to what triggers Solanas' act. That said, the movie captures particularly well the personality of Warhol&friends, and the Factory as a whole.

Lissa (mx) wrote: It was so bad it was funny!

Derrick D (ca) wrote: [b]SYNOPSIS:[/b] The one-armed boxer is stalked by a vengeful flying guillotine expert, after his disciples were killed in the first 'One-Armed Boxer' film. But as the flying guillotine master is blind, he starts his quest by becoming a serial killer of one-armed men. Meanwhile, the one-armed boxer is running a martial arts school, where he teaches his pupils to control their breath so they can run up walls and along ceilings. And there's an Indian fakir whose arms can extend until they're ten feet long. As you may have gathered, a rational plot summary is pretty pointless - but rest assured there are epic martial arts battles and ludicrously inspired moments galore.[b]REVIEW: [/b]Jimmy Wang Yu is like box office gold to me. I can watch this guy chop melted cheese and I'd still be captivated. Master of the Flying Guillotine is one the several One-Armed Bandit movies that Wang Yu made, including Zatoichi vs. the One-Armed Bandit, to name one that I liked. There's plenty of action in this flick and the ending is, well, it's okay as long as you're not expecting the Guillotine guy to get his revenge. OK, OK, I killed the ending for you. Sorry.[u][b]CATEGORY RATINGS:[/b][/u][b]- STORY: 6- ACTING: 7- VISUALS: 5- DIRECTION: 6- ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: 8[color=Red]OVERALL AVERAGE RATING: 6.4[/color][/b]

Collin R (de) wrote: the only thing that interested me in this is that QT wrote it. It is a perfect guy romantic comedy movie lol. There is alot of boring dull parts yet like most Tarantino movies the diaolge is strongly built which makes you care about the characters more yet still isnt as good as most of his work I would say this is over rated its not nearly as good as Pulp Fiction, and most of Taratino movies