Beer Barrel Polecats

Beer Barrel Polecats

The stooges make a whole batch of homemade beer, but get tossed in jail when Curly sells some to a cop. Their minor indiscretion turns into a forty year sentence when a keg of beer Curly has hidden under his coat explodes while the boys are being photographed. In prison the stooges get into more trouble with the warden and wind on the rockpile when they try to escape. Released as old men with long gray beards, the first thing Curly wants is a bottle of beer.

The stooges make a whole batch of homemade beer, but get tossed in jail when Curly sells some to a policeman. Their minor indiscretion turns into a forty year sentence when a barrel of beer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (us) wrote: too melodramatic and no relief

Ethan L (fr) wrote: An interesting look at a fascinating character. He is an icon for a reason.

Charles F (us) wrote: If you ask me, this deserves a higher score than it has so far reaped and garnered from the audience. For one thing, there are more than a few memorable lines best heard in context. (Take note: this movie should not be confused with the likes of Hostel or Vacancy, it is nothing like those other films.) Beneath the Dark is a rather unassuming tale of a young couple who set out alone on a road trip across the lonely desert landscape to Los Angeles where a friend of their is to be wedded, except they run into trouble on the way there and end up spending the night at a creepy motel in which the mysterious presence of something evil dwells. If I were to venture my opinion, I'd say it's about the manner in which sin begets sin begets death and the possibility of repentance. The biblical undertones are a recurring theme and add a welcome air of doom and gloom to the film. The location is dark and foreboding, and there should be enough mystery and suspense here to hold the viewer's attention. And it is well cast for a b movie: most of the actor's do a fine job, while some, like Paul's girlfriend are plain irritating. Honestly, I'm not entirely clear on what happens at the end, it's a bit of a puzzle. This one is worth checking out, for sure.

Aaron H (au) wrote: I know very little about debate and I'm not sure if that means I liked the movie more or less than I would have if i did. Regardless, I thought it was a great film

Kristen P (ca) wrote: I'm a fan of Abbas Tyrewala's writing already but he definitely has skill as a director. Imran Khan and the gorgeous Genelia D'Souza are just so wonderful in this Ramedy (romance/drama/comedy yes I made it up)

Kristen W (ru) wrote: Enjoy the music if nothing else. A band of German musicians, some of whom are Jewish, become famous and popular, but the Nazi regime threatens to ruin it all.

Evan K (us) wrote: It's very difficult to rate this, so I'll make it simple. It's a set-up. An art film that's sole purpose is to mess with the minds of the Art film snobs who fit into the atheist, and commonly do, category. Probably the best film about Religion I've seen.

Joel A (us) wrote: A film that surprisingly was not well received at all by critics & audiences alike and to be honest I don't understand, it's no Oscar winner but Its not that bad.The story of a common woman who is pregnant who is mistaken as another wealthy woman who is pregnant.A modern (far more comic retelling) of the 1950's film A Man of her Own but I must admit Ricki Lake is no where near as talent as Barbara Stanwyck is.I stand by it often the right butler in a film can make the film & Paco the butler in this film is complete crack up. A funny film that I feel is a little underrated...

Robert C (nl) wrote: There are a lot of parallels between this movie and "All That Heaven Allows," but this one has none of the irony or masterful direction.

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John M (kr) wrote: Don't be sold by the cute dog. So this is about the life of a dachshund. He never quite finds the perfect family for life, and he gets passed along from misfit owner to misfit owner. We get to see how the dog affects the lives of different people, both positively and negatively. Now I've never seen anything from the library of Todd Solondz, but I've heard about him, and I am well aware that he puts together movies that are largely considered by the general public to be "messed up". With Wiener-Dog being available on Amazon Prime, I figured I would take a chance, and I can't say that I particularly like what I've seen here. My biggest problem with this movie is that none of these characters are overly likable, which makes it awfully difficult to connect with anybody. Everybody is in a pretty dark spot in their life, and it is either because they aren't allowed to be happy, they can't be happy because they can't get over themselves, or they are just generally miserable human beings. Everybody is quirky, but not in a charming Coen/Wes Anderson kind of way; it is quirky depression, and it makes you feel intrusive for peering into the lives of these unhappy and unsatisfied people. I love dogs, and given this director's reputation, I immediately started this by giving this movie the side eye. While it is never as scarring as something like White God, they still do some things with this animal that I'm not really cool with and this is the kind of movie where it chooses to punctuate its ending with two middle fingers up in the face of the audience. On top of all the above, there really isn't a lot of directional flair to this. Mostly everything here feels flat and soulless, and I really got the impression that most of these actors did not spend a whole lot of time reviewing this material; it is almost like this is watching the initial script reading, and it leaves a lot to be desired. There's also this indie score that tries too hard and ends up being grating and drawing entirely too much attention to itself. I really ended up disliking this a lot, and I don't have a many positives to touch upon here.