Beer Money

Beer Money

Three guys find a space alien in the woods and attempt to sell it to a tabloid TV show, with disastrous results.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   reporter,   moral,  

Three guys find a space alien in the woods and attempt to sell it to a tabloid TV show, with disastrous results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beer Money torrent reviews

Brian C (mx) wrote: Low budget, with more entertainment value than those quarter Billion dollar movies.

Jennifer M (br) wrote: How they filmed it was really weird, and the writing wasn't really good

Alejandro R (ag) wrote: Great film all around with an alternating dynamic interplay between sullen thoughtful scenes and more visceral action scenes---all of which engaging in their different expressions of darker moods. I watched it years, but it was very much worth rewatching.

Ela L (au) wrote: I love it, it always make me smile :D

Carol M (de) wrote: To say In the Bedroom is atmospheric is a big understatement. The locale sways the mood every bit as much as this movie's top-notch actors. Its weak points are marginal, and the combination of elements makes for a very cohesive and beautiful translation of the written word into an absorbing viewing experience. It is one of the best grief portrayals I have seen in some time -- how everyday people contend with the trivialities of life alongside the looming presence of bereavement; and how grief redefines everything it touches, including how we interact with others.

Chris M (ca) wrote: The movie was alright. The idea was bot bad, and I have to admit, it kept me at the edge of my seat. It was pretty cool how the game was played and how it went. At the end it was pretty funny and it made it a not too bad movie. It was cheesy and a bit dumb at times, but on and all, it was not bad

Jenny W (au) wrote: Wolves are beautiful animals!~

Rachel M (gb) wrote: i like this movie b/c i watched w/ my mom n sister. also the storyline n acting were good.

Nolan M (es) wrote: I had hoped that the Farrelly's return to R-rated comedy would be great and hilarious. Problem is that this movie starts out good than just goes downhill. Its a damn shame...

Chris W (br) wrote: This early effort by "Bloody Sam" is one of many elegiac westerns the lauded director helmed. Hmm, now that I think about it, pretty much every western he did was an elegy...interesting.The setting is the early 1900s: the twilight for the Old West. Joel McCrea is an ex-lawman living on the fringes of society. When he gets hired to escort a shipment of gold, he decides to enlist the help of his old pal played by Randolph Scott. Unlike McCrea's character, Scott's doesn't have much remaining integrity, and thus is easily tempted, along with his young saddle mate to convince McCrea's Steve Judd to steal the gold for themselves instead of delivering it as expected.This film come out during a transition period for the western genre. It was after the heyday of the classic era, but a few years before the revisionist epics that started in the late 60s, perhaps best exemplified by Peckinpah's own bloody masterpiece The Wild Bunch. As a result, this film is a bit of a mix between the old period, what with being a send off of sorts, as well as a forerunner for what would soon come, though the violence here, while fairly strong for the time, isn't quite to the level that it would be in the aforementioned The Wild Bunch.The leads are pretty good, and they have a nice rapport with one another. Their costars likewise do pretty decently with the material. The film is rough around the edges, and you can tell it's before Peckinpah hit his stride, but it's still got some great location shooting and decent cinematography. Give this one a watch. It's pretty solid.

Calvin C (nl) wrote: Some great songs go along with a spunky performance from Betty Hutton as the title character. Grade: B+

Benjamin W (ru) wrote: Dietrich plays a duplicitous Spaniard. At this point in the von Sternberg/Dietrich series of collaborations, the Marlene image has been refined by serious angle eliminations and intensified micro-acting. Shots revealing Marlene's concave nose-bridge are gone, giving her a more classical appeal (also in Blond Venus); her high, dominant cheeks and mobile expressive chin replace the more traditional modes of eye-acting and body gesturing. If it had been appropriate, Von Sternberg probably would have had her act with forehead veins and closeups of sudden goosebumps. The acting and detail in this film really help make it clear why cinema makes old acting methods seem ridiculous and new tricks necessary. If it weren't for Von Sternberg's consistency of style, and the lack of a variation that his real peers like Visconti or Dreyer have, he might be the best director on a list of the best.

Eric V (us) wrote: doesnt get much better than this