Beethoven's 5th

Sara Newton and Beethoven spends summer with Freddy Kablinski in Quicksilver, a weird town.

Sara Newton and Beethoven spends summer with Freddy Kablinski in Quicksilver, a weird town

Beethoven's 5th is a funny movie of Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, John Hughes (characters), Amy Holden Jones (characters). This movie was introduced in 2003. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Siu Wai Cheung, Zing Fong, Sammuel Leung, Chi Yeung Wong, Dave Thomas, Faith Ford, Daveigh Chase, Tom Poston, Katherine Helmond, Sammy Kahn, Richard Riehle, Clint Howard, Kathy Griffin, John Larroquette, Rodman Flender, Tina Illman, Tom Musgrave, Joel Hurt Jones, Elizabeth Warner. The kind of movie are Adventure. This movie was rated by 4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Cameron L (nl)

terrible acting. lots of unnecessary nudity. basic cheap alien rip off

Connor G (ca)

A poor attempt to try and string the 3 movies in the Diamond and Pearl Franchise together into a trilogy

Dan C (au)

Flixster: Rom-dram-com with gimmicky bifurcated plot starring Head in a Box working in Brit mode

Ellie D (au)

Not as good as the first

Hardik R (fr)

A bittersweet feeling like no other, the movie has a lot to offer. 'Don't Think Twice' is a deeply moving movie a solid story and some intense characters. However. A movie about comedians trying to make it big in New Year City sounds like a laughter fest

Jake A (gb)

I can see why this is considered a classic from the 70s and is easily one of my favourite discoveries of the year so far. Pacino is great as Sonny and the rest of the cast also put in solid performances, it is edited really well, I like the fact that the film manages to up the tension and keep the plot moving at a quick pace while being situated in one area for the majority of the films length, unusually there is no score which actually is to the benefit of the film as the script is so well written and dark in its humour that a score would take away from the scenes that go from aggressive, to funny and then all the way back to poignant. The second Al Pacino and Sidney Lumet film I have seen in a row and unlike Serpico which I liked but felt somewhat cold towards I am struggling to find anything major to dislike about this film

Janette H (it)

I really enjoyed this film - Loved the music and the score for it too

Jesse F (mx)

A step-down from what "Paramount" had to offer for the franchise, but the FX is bloody delicious

Mark K (au)

Lead actress is immensely hot, storyline is gripping, and is simply a film worth watching!

Shannon L (nl)

This movie has positive substance to it