Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey


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Julia M (au) wrote: Wonderfull movie, all the characters had great dynamics...its very eye opening, the information the main character gives out...I really urge everyone to watch this...

Scott R (de) wrote: definitely dark and at times preachy but it works, is funny, and is thought provoking

Private U (br) wrote: Un grand moment mlancolique

Michael W (mx) wrote: Snake doctor administers his unknowing assistant with experimental injections that slowly transform him into a king cobra. Predictably disastrous results ensue for the assistant, aside from possibly earning an extra credit for class. The makeup is exsssssellent.

Roger R (nl) wrote: Yep Richard Burton is the shit and Genevieve Bujold was never sexier

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Sometimes 104 ratings to date can indicate an undiscovered gem, but there's no diamond hiding here. I don't even want to talk about it anymore, most episodes of "Murder She Wrote" had more action and thrills.

Theresa M (mx) wrote: I have seen this movie more times then I count, but even so it never gets old. This movie is so women empowering and I absolutely love it. Watching it recently I realize how absolutely unrealistic this movie is, but that isn't really the point. Reese Witherspoon is an amazing actress and I will never get sick of Elle proving everyone wrong and kicking butt as a law student/lawyer. And I love her with Emmett, screw Warner. I also will never be able to get over how every single time this movie makes me hate Vivian in the beginning and then like her in the end. Even though I know she ends up being good, the actress just does an amazing job of making you hate her.

Rahul B (jp) wrote: A typical melodrama, but a fine one at that.

Lee M (de) wrote: AKA "Running Wild" : Beautiful scenery and animals do not suffice to make a beautiful film, but do suffice to keep the kiddos adequately entertained.

Daniel G (de) wrote: A bit surreal at first having Keanu Reeves introduce the uninitiated to the Dark Web area of the internet in his best Matrix voice, and then Alex Winter takes us down the rabbit hole into the debate of freedom of choice, internet privacy rights, rights to a fair trial, and the lengths to which governments will go to fight "the war on drugs" in a new frontier. Compelling, though a bit long in runtime