Before Dawn

Before Dawn

An estranged couple's vacation to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack from the walking dead

An estranged couple's vacation to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack from the walking dead . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ralph R (ca) wrote: An understatement: Dado Lumibao's 'Must Be... Love' is Philippine mainstream cinema at its worst. Thank goodness I didn't pay for my ticket!

Saurabh J (nl) wrote: So bad it is actually quite funny!

Peter A (kr) wrote: When is this coming out on DVD?

Melvin W (ru) wrote: "People always think that, you know, Chinese people are only good at math, martial arts, and mu shu pork, you know? But basketball, hey, that was really my thing back in the day, you know what I'm saying? I used to play on the JV squad."Ping Pong Playa is about Christopher "C-Dub" Wang. He's an underachieving, lazy young adult who has no ambitions. He spends his time playing video games, reading comic books, and making up excuses about why he's not in the NBA. Obviously it's genetic, he is Chinese and says that we are all short. He starts teaching a ping pong class and ultimately ends up competing in a ping pong competition in order to keep his families ping pong business thriving.Honestly I expected to find Ping Pong Playa horrible. It's anything but horrible though. Jimmy Tsai as C-Dub was great. The ping pong scenes were really well done. The movie was very funny and had a lot to say about different stereotypes, such as Chinese people can't drive. Ping Pong Playa turned out to be a cool little movie. Hey, it beats Balls of Fury.

David R (gb) wrote: liked it...good unkown actors...even liked the story.

Brian F (jp) wrote: It's sad story, then it must follow laws, but I have idea. I like freedom of love! And, I am gay as I love men and boys too. If anyone hide to love. Then anyone tried to not hide to love. Nobody hates gay/lesibe or bisexual! Who wants equal love? It's wanting to freedom of love. It's right gay and can bisexual too. PLEASE LEAVE GAY PEOPLE ALONE! And, bisexual too. I care gay people and bisexual. Who votes freedom of love on The Bill Rights? I want to do it!

Dominique C (gb) wrote: I love this movie! I don't think is gets enough credit for being an awesome movie.

Paula H (ca) wrote: This is just such a beautiful, sad, touching and heartfelt movie!!! How can you not cry during this one? Wow, I loved it!!! The story is just so perfectly beautiful, especially leading up to the last scene! :)

Lucas P (us) wrote: Pra inflar o ego de qualquer violonista.E a menina muda t FODA PRA CARALEO.

Keiko N (nl) wrote: It unfolds slowly, but it rewards your patience with something extraordinary. Gritty and heartrendingly realistic.

carmen n (nl) wrote: no c m a hecho verla, ja siempre q pasa en la tv stoy acupada

Burt M (it) wrote: One of the worst films I have ever seen, and the worst Chuck Norris film to date. Norris looks bored with a non-existent plot and purile dialogue, there's like 3 minor action sequences throughout, and I have heard better scores in adult movies. Rank production values, the whole film felt like either a gag reel or a tax write-off for the production company. Man this is a piece of crap, AVPID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!

Jennifer S (fr) wrote: I'm really surprised that so many people like this. It seemed so contrived. How can they not see through the BS? It seems like she wanted to portray herself as the caring and compassionate superstar but she failed. So what if Kevin Costner said her show was "neat"? He was really trying to be sweet and pay her a compliment and she was a little condescending. She may have a tremendous amount of talent but this "documentary" only made me lose some respect for her.

Brian C (us) wrote: An easy to watch classic comedy. Aykroyd and Chase play off each other perfectly. This is slap stick done correctly with brilliant timing.

Daniel C (au) wrote: Hilarious deadpan. A story of self-righteous nostalgic college girls.

Ryan H (kr) wrote: It feels like someone was carrying 2 separate movie scripts in their hands, dropped them all over the ground, and accidentally shuffled them together into one. A complete curveball of a second half with plot points that make little sense. Keitel & Lewis become buddy-buddy with Clooney? Not buying it. Worth a watch though...

Dee T (us) wrote: ok but a little slow